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Rules and Conditions
« on: March 01, 2012, 01:29:46 PM GMT GMT »

The theme for this year’s competition will be musicians.  Entrants are free to interpret this as they like, within the bounds of the forum’s general rules.

Any number of sculpts per entrant may be entered in the competition.

Entries must be original sculpts created for the competition.  Entrants retain the rights to their sculptures, and responsibilities for any copyrighted designs or likenesses.

Any medium and materials are allowed for the competition and for prize casting.  This does not include pre-cast pieces from existing commercial miniatures, except those explicitly allowed for other commercial sculpts (dollies etc.)

The 'scale' will be 28mm, including it's common variations and deviations.  I.e. 28-32mm, heroic or realistic scale.

The closing time is 12pm GMT on the 30th of April 2012.  All photos of finished entries must be submitted by that time.  Entries submitted after will be disqualified.

Entrants must submit between one and five photographs of each of their finished entries.  These can be posted on the 2012 competition board - using the attachment function or linked from a host site - or emailed to
Entrants are encouraged to take photos that are clear, sharp, and well-lit as possible.  Entrants can also create a work-in-progress topic on the 2012 competition board, if they wish.

The finished entries will be voted on in a public poll.  The three entries that score highest will win first, second and third places.

Entrants can only win once!  In the event that two or more of the top three places contain entries submitted by a single entrant, their lower-scoring entries will be disregarded and the next applicable entries will win second and/or third place.
I.e. if entries submitted by a single entrant are voted first and second, and the entry voted third is submitted by a different entrant, then the entry voted second will be disqualified and the entry voted third will be moved up to second place.  The entry voted fourth will be moved up to third place, provided it also was not submitted by one of the first two winners.  And so on in that order.

Any personal information received will not be used or passed on, except for identification and prizegiving purposes regarding this competition.


The top three winning entrants will each receive ten master copies of their winning sculpts, cast by Troll Forged Miniatures in their new plastic/resin material.

In addition, the three winners will receive, via paypal or other means:

1st place - £75
2nd place - £60
3rd place - £45
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