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On The Table
« on: December 16, 2011, 08:18:41 PM GMT GMT »
So I just discovered Beasts of War have a once-fortnightly TV show on the Showcase TV channel in the UK.  I found this out on the Showcase TV channel because I don't darken the Beasts of War website too often.  Case in point in yesterday's episode: still got the guy with the bad Northern Ireland accent, flapping his head like the Churchill dog on a rodeo machine. (And I just found out his name's Warren.  Aaarghh...)

But... it wasn't too bad.  The show was all news, nothing that you couldn't seen online (including the episodes!), and some stuff gets judged on how well it'd suit 40K.  But there were some things I wouldn't have seen, and it wasn't too much of strain to sit back on the sofa and watch this stuff on a bigger screen in better quality.  At least for people who still have computers in tucked away in cold back rooms...