Author Topic: How to Achieve Coexistence of Economic and Ecological Benefits?  (Read 11 times)

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How to Achieve Coexistence of Economic and Ecological Benefits?
« on: June 14, 2018, 12:25:52 PM BST GMT »
All the time, mining exploitation, processing and production industries attract attention of people. Mineral resource as the basis resource for national economic development directly relates to industrial production and life. At the same time, ore milling equipment industry is the industry which has most serious environmental pollution and waste of resources. With continuous advancement of national ecological civilization construction, because of resource and environment stress, ore milling equipment industry has to change way of thinking and development mode so as to protect ecological resource and environment and obtain economic benefits at the same time. However, it's not an easy task to achieve coexistence of economic benefit and ecological benefit, which needs joint effort of enterprise, industry and country.
First, mining enterprise itself should continuously enhance ecological awareness, improve production technology and reduce environmental pollution and waste of resources as far as possible. Secondly, in whole ore milling equipment industry, enterprises should strengthen cooperation, accelerate combination and eliminate those small mining enterprises with backward technology, thus making industrial development more sound and well-aligned. Lastly, the country should give support and correct guidance to ore milling equipment industry.
Mining crushers have also done something to improve ecological environment. Traditional crusher machines is of high pollution, high energy consumption and low efficiency. However, along with the gradual improvement of people's environmental protection awareness, green production is increasingly popular in ore milling equipment industry. The newly researched crushing equipment not only improves production efficiency, but also has great breakthroughs in technical research of energy conservation and environmental protection. Stone crushing machine is also making contributions to improve living environment of people. Shanghai Zenith Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. leads domestic crusher enterprises to accelerate research of green and environmental protection crushers. The advanced crushing and ore beneficiation equipment produced by Zenith Machinery can help mining enterprises realize coexistence of economic and ecological benefits.