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"All medicine importers will henceforth be required
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TAIYUAN Emir Kujovic Sweden Jersey , Jan. 2 (Xinhua) -- The government of Jinzhong City in north China's Shanxi Province is cooperating with enterprises to revive its century-old Jinhua Textile Mill by turning it into a culture zone.

The local government has raised more than 300 million yuan (46 million U.S. dollars) to renovate the plant and introduce craftsmen as well as traditional workshops to this piece of industrial heritage, according to Qin Yanru, an official with Jinzhong Cultural Affairs Bureau.

Qin said that the renovations and reinforcements of the plant's Western-style office building Emil Salomonsson Sweden Jersey , workshops, warehouses and gates were almost completed.

It will also become an industrial cluster for research institutes and cultural companies to revive Chinese traditional craftsmanship such as painted sculpture, murals Emil Bergstrom Sweden Jersey , colored glaze and wood carving. It will also hold exhibitions and cultivate talent.

Once the largest textile plant in Shanxi, Jinhua Textile Mill was listed as a county-level protection site owing to its historical role and fine combination of Chinese and Western elements in its architecture.

The plant was set up in 1919 by a group of politicians and merchants from Shanxi who wanted to revitalize the national industry. It was put into production in 1924 and went bankrupt in 2009.

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NAIROBI, June 22 (Xinhua) -- Kenya is set to have guidelines on parallel importation of medicinal substance in the next three months, an official said on Wednesday.

Fred Siyoi, the Deputy Registrar of the Pharmacy and Poisons Board, said the guidelines will help reinforce the existing act on parallel importation that has been abused in the past.

"All medicine importers will henceforth be required to avail their consignments for inspection at the port of entry to ensure that the imported products retain their quality, safety and efficacy," Siyoi said in Nairobi at a stakeholders' meeting.

Parallel importation is the importation of a medicinal substance by an importer outside the manufacturer's or its licensed distributor's formal channels.

According to the World Health Organization, parallel imports often takes place when there is differential pricing of the same products -- either brand-name or generic drugs -- in different markets, usually owing to local manufacturing costs or market conditions.

In the recent past, Kenya's regulation of parallel importation of trademarked medicinal substance has become a contentious issue involving conflicting principles and policies that required a review to ensure that the regulation continues to serve the public interest.

Siyoi said that lack of guidelines had led to pharmacists in the country selling medicine at the prices that were not dictated by the market.

"We have witnessed instances where importers concentrate in economic value by taking advantage of price difference between markets to capitalize upon the imbalance to gain profit," Siyoi said.

He added that stakeholders had focused on the economic issues of parallel imports rather than a critical analysis of the value of parallel imports to patients in a broader context.

"The guidelines are set to determine the cost benefit to the patients and not merely making gains by the importers," Siyoi said.

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