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LUM series ultrafine vertical mill
« on: June 07, 2018, 04:27:23 AM BST GMT »
LUM series ultrafine grinding mill is the state machine to 26 years four generation of grinding machine is based on research and development manufacturing experience, based on LM vertical mill, the introduction of Germany ultrafine grinding roller of roller mill technology, design and development of professional new superfine grinding equipment, professional is suitable for all kinds of non-metallic mineral powder grinding and classification, the power plant steel desulfurization with ultrafine grinding of limestone powder and slag powder and blast furnace coal injection in the processing of preparation and other large projects.
LUM superfine ultrafine grinding mill working principle: the material through the screw feeder falls in the middle of the mill, driven by host motor reducer drive mill rotating centrifugal force, make the material to the millstone around mobile, when material passes through the mill wheel roller table area, by roller compaction, large pieces of material is directly crush, smaller particles by extrusion forming material bed between particles.
Continues to move mill edge after crushed material, is from the air inlet into the flow of air to the classifier for classification, in under the action of powder concentrator's blade, regrinding do not conform to the requirements of the particle size of powders into a millstone, reach the standard of powder collected through the classifier with airflow into the pulse dust collector, collection of powder is the finished product powder. Material mix impurities such as iron, because of difficult to grinding and its own gravity, through the mill edge, cannot be taken away by the airflow, inferior vena and fall into the grinding machine is scraping plate scumming mouth, to the discharge outside of the host.