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Production of new stone crushing equipment
« on: May 16, 2018, 03:52:26 AM BST GMT »
Stone crushing equipment which belongs to a screening device model, using advanced exciter do vibration source, a soft link device using efficient, working on the equipment generates vibration, to protect the devices, the unique structure of screen will not produce jam, equipment sieve surface tilt can through the adjusting device to adjust the use of unique, life is greatly increased, resulting in higher practical value.

Production of new stone crushing equipment adopting international advanced technology, is a professional for the gravel sand special for screening plant, mineral processing, coal, building materials, light industry, smelting, electric power, electrical and other departments for screening sand, very much screening material, such as ore, aluminum powder, copper powder, gravel, mineral, alloy powder sand, stone, grinding, powder, refractory material, limestone, quartz sand and other materials.In the case of the same quality, sand stone crushing equipment the company price is relatively very competitive advantage.

Vibrating screen not only has a reasonable structure, energy saving and environmental protection of sand separation, design structure of the unique equipment can avoid the good effect of dust on the environment.