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Salute '11
« on: April 19, 2011, 12:21:18 AM BST GMT »
It's taken me this long to recover. ;)  After my post in the Salute '10 topic (has it been a year?), I thought about this year and decided to take an extra day and take it easy.  Also meant I could take a stroll and see some landmarks.  It kind of worked.  Next time I might stay over three days.

On Friday I met Andrew May, who - as the avatar suggests - has a mighty beard that could best Brian Blessed in single combat. ;)  We had a chat in Greenwich, and I was kindly bought a drink.  I should've returned the favour before it was time to go.  Next year, Andrew?

On Saturday I turned up at Excel at 9:30.  The queues were already pretty sizeable, but thanks to the fact I painted up one or two minis for a Frothers game, I got a badge that let me swan in the side door early. 8-)  And even with just the traders and club/game organisers, it looked too crowded for my tastes.

I had a great day, despite not seeing all the tables - probably because I didn't try to see all the tables.  Met and talked to a lot of familiar faces and some new ones, and was surprised to find the Frothers guys are almost like real people.  Special mention to the Hasslefrees and Artemis Black, who fed me sweets and welsh cakes respectively.  Always go buy something from Artemis Black for a free snack.  Way to my heart...

Special sights included the complete, cast Heresy Dragon (waiting patiently for my preorder; picking one up on the day would've meant checking it as hold baggage.  No joke!); Immortal Minatures 3-ups; the Hasslefree sculpting comp results (I only remembered I'd entered when Gi6ers of the Forum of Doom pointed out the cabinet); the stupendous table and scenery for the World of Twilight table; the way the Frothers tables came together; and other things I'm sure I've forgotten in the swirling activity.

The haul!
- Competition prizes. ;)
- A copy of Gutshot! western skirmish rules.  I've waved some Black Scorpion minis under the gaming group's noses in an effort to persuade them on western skirmish.  Now I have something else to wave.
- Malifaux C. Hoffman gang set, 'cos I'm sure they won't give Malifaux up completely for Gutshot.
- Twilight minty resin Belan.  Nicer in the flesh. :)  The photos wash out some of the detail.  And Skerrats.
- My first Red Box Games minis, from Artemis Black.  Better late than never.
- 6mm resin reactor building, Ral Partha Europe via  Meant for Battletech, but it's yet another thing to wave under gaming group noses, to see if it perks up any interest in Epic again.
- Salute freebies - the Perry-sculpted ACW cavalry officer and a K-lite bag.  I just need the foam inserts for it, and the army of minis for the foam inserts...

Plenty of photos about the net.  Here are Joe Dever's (AKA the Lone Wolf gamebook guy):

1 2 3

Some at Frothers (standard Frothers content warning ;)).  1 2

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