Author Topic: portable crusher plant is used to crush sticky material  (Read 64 times)

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portable crusher plant is used to crush sticky material
« on: May 08, 2018, 08:23:49 AM BST GMT »
Portable crusher plant while has a broad scope, can work has many different kinds of material, but for the processing of humidity and viscosity of the material is has the certain requirement, not all can be processed, is mainly introduced the portable crusher plant can be used to produce materials humidity viscosity is larger.

Buy a commodity in it environment that is is necessary to understand all aspects of performance, especially portable crusher plant this large crushing equipment, understanding the performance of the equipment for a great help in the future work process, usually in addition to understand the structure, working principle, installation, maintenance, and other aspects of the situation, also note portable crusher plant to the requirement of material, each kind of broken grinding equipment for the processing of the material is all have certain requirements, does not meet the requirements is likely to cause damage to equipment, this article is to analyze jaw crusher broken equipment can not be used for crushing wet materials.

First portable crusher plant requirement for different types of equipment of material moisture, viscosity to be in a certain range, if beyond this range, although can be broken, but the damage to the equipment is inevitable, such as the viscosity will cause the material adhesion in clogging up inside the equipment, it must stop, again, for example, high humidity makes crushing process is slow, and will cause the jaw broken internal parts of rust, these two situations make big loss, so the jaw crusher crushing equipment must ensure that the humidity of the production of material and viscosity.

In general at the time of buying equipment, jaw broken manufacturer will guide the use of attention to matters, and will have special instruction on equipment to help use jaw broken, other manufacturers can help train professional operators, so that we can help to better select jaw can break the humidity of the production of material and viscosity, reduce the blockage device failure.