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The structure and advantages of sand making machine
« on: April 27, 2018, 08:04:31 AM BST GMT »
With the popularity of reinforced concrete building, sand making machine has been widely used in the construction industry, and the new sand making equipment developed by the company has some special advantages relative to the original sand making products, and this article is a brief introduction to you for these advantages.

Sand making products are constantly changing with the development of the construction industry, and since the founding of the last century in 90s, the company has been engaged in the research and development of a series of mine products, and the sand making machine is also a product of the company's key research and development.

So far, the sand making machine on the market has a variety of series, and the new sand making machine is the most basic equipment of this kind of product, that is, the other products are developed on the basis of the development of this product, so it has a lot of advantages relative to the driving sand making equipment, and the following is introduced one by one.

The new type of sand making machine is designed by the impeller. The inner impeller of the machine is mainly used for the production of material crushing. This innovative impeller design greatly reduces the resistance of the material through the machine, thus improves the material passing, and finally makes the crushing efficiency of the machine increase by about 30% to 60% relative to the traditional equipment.

In recent decades, with the development of automation technology, we have also emancipated the labor force. Therefore, the automatic opening cover and oil automatic lubrication system have been installed on the sand making machine to provide automatic open cover operation and bearing lubrication for the machine. This design not only makes the ore crushing more productive. Save labor and operate more conveniently.

The new type of sand making machine uses advanced light oil anti leakage device. This device makes the lubrication of the machine more safe and prevents the dust material from entering the bearing, so as to avoid the trouble of changing the oil seal.

In addition, the series of products are two kinds of broken mode in one design, and the two breakage modes are "material strike material" and "material strike iron". This design can not only achieve the purpose of multi use, but also improve the production of the machine in the crushing of ore materials and reduce the cost of material crushing. Ultimately increasing user revenue, so users are very popular.