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Targeted Impact! info
« on: April 02, 2011, 03:41:23 PM BST GMT »
Here are the thoughts, suggestions and explanations from the partners at Impact!.

We are avid supporters of fantasy sports games and love to see new miniatures being sculpted.  It is not our intent to drive and/or steer your creative process.  What we wanted to provide was our thoughts on what might have the most commercial success (outside of the guidelines against creating miniature pipe-bombs  ;D) for those that would be interested.  Please feel free to sculpt whatever inspires you... we do not want to drive that process... if the miniature is good and we think there is a market for it, we'll include it in our Targeted program.  I hope that helps.

...the 3 of us will be judges and rate the
figures from 1 to 5 (5 being best) privately.   We'll add up our
scores to see who is the winner.  Any figure earning a total of 12 or
more we will be willing to take into our Targeted program if the
sculptor agrees.   (ie no money up front other than we pay for the
shipping expense; 10% of the normal retail price for each figure we
sell paid quarterly with a maximum payout of $15 per mm of sculpt
height; payment has to be made via PayPal).

In addition the sculptors would need to understand that the figures
might need 6 to 9 months before they enter the store.   This is only
because we only make master moulds when we have at least 5 figure that
need cast (we try actually to aim normally for 10 if at all possible)
since the mastering process is the most expensive part of the casting
and its a flat fee whether it is 1 figure or 12.

Finally all the sculptors would have to agree to this last item.
Figures must be sculpted using an accepted compound for casting.  IE
green stuff, brown stuff, metal or Procreate.   No part of the figure
should be plastic (including (and especially the inside of the
figure))  (plastic inside a green turns the green into a pipe bomb and
we almost blew up the mould machine at our caster with a Targeted
Impact! submission once that we did not know had used a plastic core
for the body).   Metal from another miniature company is not permitted
in the sculpt unless it is free license (like the body blanks from

Figures intended to be cast if they get a vote of 12 or more really
should have metal skeletons (metal paper clips, wire, bronze tubing,
etc).  This skeleton should go through all limbs, feet, hands and the
head.   Outstetched fingers need metal as well.   Why ... because the
mastering process puts the green under intense pressure ... with the
metal skeleton sculpting materials will normally bend whereas they
won't with a good skeleton.   We add this because we've had one great
figure that was all green stuff (we didn't know) that warped during
moulding which is sad for us and the sculptor ... so one if 5 years
... but we try to make sure not to repeat it.

As a follow-up to the above ... metal skeletons MUST be made out of a
material that can be easily cut with clippers.   Sometimes a figure
will need an arm loped off in order to be cast.   We recently received
a set of 6 figures from a sculptor for Targeted Impact! who used
hardened steel wire for his skeleton which could only be cut using a
diamond dremel blade ... this damaged the sculpts during the cuts and
we had to pay another sculptor $350 just to fix the damage to the 6
figures that was caused by the dremel blade because the wire skeleton
could not be easily cut.

We would offer to cast anything that received a 12 vote.  Definitely there is no requirement for you to accept that offer.  Likewise as stated our Targeted Impact! program is very defined and has been for many years.  $15 USD per mm of total height with payments made quarterly based on 10% of the MSRP of the number of figures sold along with 10 copies of the finished figure for you.  Victoria Lamb, Steve Buddel, Patrick Keith, Drew Williams, Phil Lewis and Clint Staples are a few examples of the more than 30 sculptors we have/had in our Targeted Impact! program.

The stars that currently don't have good fantasy football figures I would list as:

Ithaca Benion (Dark Elf Runner that died in the Khemri deserts and was
resurrected by them.  So a Skeleton Dark Elf in Dark Elf armour)

J Earlice  (Ghoul star player.  play on Jerry Rice for his name)

Humerus Carpal  (Star Catch-Ra for the Khemri)

Dolar Longstride (Elven Kicker star)

Crazy Igor  (Chaos Marauder who is so insane that he ignores pain ...
(seriously this guy is so nuts he's inhumanly able to ignore injury) ...
he is also devoted fan of Vampires and allows them to suck his blood
despite not being a Thrall)

Glart Smashrip Jr.   (Skaven Blitzer star with ST 4, Claw, Block and
Juggernaut.  We are talking F you up serious Rat)

Hemlock   (Skink star with a dagger)

Helmut Wulf  (Human star player with Chainsaw ... bad news dude ...
pictures of him from the game before have shown him to enjoy that
chainsaw and the gruesome work it does)

All we did by listing those BB stars were list out "concepts" that would sell well.   They would not be sold as Blood Bowl players (if sold) and they should not be identified as such.

To provide a bit more information I'm posting some links to docs that may help. Feel free to check out our website to review our current miniatures.

Elfball rules- this lists all teams in the back plus their is some sample art

Elfball strategy guide.  Section 4 has player type descriptions

Plasmoid and Knut at TFF made this document which includes concept sketches of what the new stars might look like.

In no way, shape or form am I suggesting ... sculpt this.   But for folks that don't play much of the game ... and thought the idea of trying to do a star player was cool.  This document could help you understand the basics of what was in mind for the star.

I designed all of the new star star players I mentioned for no compensation.   I designed their backstories and the concept of their overall image.

No one from GW had a hand in any part of their design, backstories or image concept.

Tom Anders - Impact! Miniatures

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Re: Targeted Impact! info
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2011, 04:58:36 AM BST GMT »
One quick update to this.  We're changing our Targeted Program for this contest to be more lucrative to the sculptor(s).  Previously we paid on figures sold and we're changing that to figures cast.  The difference is that it will get money in the sculptor's hands quicker.  So, if we have 50 cast for the webstore, we will pay the artist for all 50 even if none were to sell. 

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Re: Targeted Impact! info
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2011, 08:44:05 AM BST GMT »
That's a very generous change.  Props.