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"Yes, the two leaders are still divided on the YPG
« on: April 12, 2018, 04:48:19 AM BST GMT »
SUZHOU Cheap Adidas Superstar , China, April 27 (Xinhua) -- Chinese pair of Yan AnWu Yang were troubled by their opponents but still got through to the third round of the mixed doubles event at the world table tennis champiohships on Monday.

Facing up to the mixed NOC pairing of Aleksandar Karakasevic of Serbia and Ruta Paskauskiene of Lithuania in the opening round, Yan and Wu took a 3-1 overall lead first, but allowed their opponents to claw back to force a deciding seventh game.

The Chinese duo held nerves to take the tiebreaker and took the opening win.

"I think the opponents are also adapting us because this is the first match to meet each other. I think our opponents and us are both nervous. So it is normal to fall behind early. As a result, we need get more adapted to the environment Adidas Superstar Sale ," Wu said of the opening match.

After that, the Chinese duo felt more comfortable as they went on to defeat Croatia's Lea Rakovac and Tomislav Pucar 4-2 in the second round.

Chinese Xu Xin and Yang Haeun of South Korea were never really tested in the first two rounds before making it into the third round.

There were also easy wins for Chinese Chen Meng and Frenchman Emmanuel Lebesson, who will clash against YanWu in the third round.

By Burak Akinci

ANKARA, May 17 (Xinhua) -- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump met for the first time on Tuesday at the White House amid frictions on how to fight the Islamic State (IS) in Syria.

During a joint press conference, Trump brushed aside tensions between the two NATO allies and praised Turkey's fight against terrorism.

He was particularly keen on supporting Ankara's long-time struggle against the military insurgency inside Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) Adidas Superstar Shoes , without mentioning the Syrian Kurdish militia the People's Protection Units (YPG).

The Trump administration has decided recently to supply arms to YPG fighters against the IS, causing tensions with Turkey, which says the Syrian Kurds are allied with the PKK, considered as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the U.S. and EU.

Turkey is also staunchly seeking Adidas Superstar Mens , without any tangible success, the extradition of Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen living in Pennsylvania, who is accused by Turkey of masterminding a failed coup last summer.

None of these thorny issues were mentioned during the press conference.

Erdogan praised the American president for his "legendary triumph" in the election but also warned his administration not to make "any discrimination whatsoever" between terrorist groups, in a clear message vis-a-vis the YPG which Turkey considers as one terror group.

He also called on the Trump administration not to repeat "errors of the past concerning the fight against terrorist groups."

The Turkish leader has expressed readiness to open a "new chapter" with the new U.S. administration after severe difficulties with the previous one led by President Barack Obama.

Turkish officials including Erdogan himself qualified as "unacceptable" U.S. weapon supply to Kurdish units in Syria, fearing that those arms will fall into PKK rebels hands.

The Pentagon on the other hand said the YPG Adidas Superstar Womens , a key factor of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), is the only force on the ground that can successfully seize the IS stronghold Raqqa in the near future.

Despite no apparent agreements, experts think that is nevertheless a "good start" for mending ailing ties between the two allies, on the brink of a potential breakdown.

"Yes, the two leaders are still divided on the YPG issue but the fact that they exchanged warm messages towards each other and on the importance of the partnership is still somewhat of a good start Adidas Originals Superstar ," commented journalist Serkan Demirtas.

"The framework of a sound partnership has been established during this visit event if it is not at the level that Ankara was expecting. There is a lot at stake in Syria and both parties are aware of that," he said.

Erdogan's tone was different and uncompromising before heading towards Washington that "we are either strategic allies and decide together, or we are not, and then we have to go our separate ways."

A source from his entourage told Xinhua that "this is a beginning and we have to wait and see how things evolve. We have explained them our grievances," adding that for the moment there was no development on Gulen's extradition to Turkey where he is facing lifetime imprisonment.

Briefly after leaving the White House Adidas Superstar , Erdogan tweeted and thanked Trump for his hospitality as" I believe today's meeting will strengthen our long-standing alliance and strategic partnership."

The tweet marked the first time the Turkish side underlined in such strong words the nature of the U.S.-Turkish partnership.

Ibrahim Kalin, Turkish presidential spokesman, said in a communique that the issue, crucial and a priority for the Erdogan administration who recently won a referendum on granting executive powers to the president, has been mentioned during a working dinner at the White House.

Soner Cagaptay, Director of the Turkish program at the Washington Institute, told Xinhua that "Erdogan got half of what he wanted already, which was to be invited to Washington" after his narrow and contested referendum win.

"Erdogan was aching to get a western leader who would invite to affirm his victory" in the aftermath of the April 16 referendum that transformed Turkey from a parliamentary system to a presidential one, argued the analyst.

Some 49 percent of Turks voted against the constitutional changes while 51 percent in favor in a divisive electoral process.

According to Cagaptay, the Turkish president might have also got "some concessions" from the Trump administration on the Kurdish issue.

"I think that the deal President Trump offered to President Erdogan is that the U.S. wants Turkey to look the other way as Washingto.