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Why Miniature Sculpture?

Sculpting tabletop and display miniatures is one of my major interests, and in my opinion there are too few active and engaging discussion venues for sculpting, let alone mini sculpting.  Sculpting sections on other mini sites or individual blogs are usually small, scattered and inactive, and can dominated by the miniature businesses (and by extension, their fans) that they might be attached to.  Some of the main aims of this forum are for sculptors and others interested in mini sculpting; to gather and show off; ask questions and look up resources; to discuss interesting miniatures; and generally blather about pushing putty around.

Also, too few forums and their members offer or even encourage constructive criticism, beyond a handful of sugary comments.  Some forums go too far in the other direction.  The other main aim of this forum is to allow miniature sculptors of any skill level to post their work and receive useful feedback (as well as compliments!); partially with a view to learning, practise and improvement.

Who's playing the teacher?  You?

Nope.  Or at least, only a bit.  I'm only a moderate sculptor, in my opinion, and I hope to benefit myself.  But I don't believe you have to be any kind of sculptor to offer an opinion or critique (though technical experience and knowledge certainly helps).  Any member is welcome to offer theirs, so long as it's helpful and constructive.

Constructive criticism.  How do I go about it?

Be open and honest about a sculpt.  Don't be afraid to dislike and disagree - but also try to keep belligerence, insults and absolutes to a minimum.  Try not to post flat, negative Cowell-like statements like 'this sucks', 'that's rubbish', or 'worst ever'.  If you don't like something about a sculpt, explain what's needling you.  Try to offer suggestions and advice too, if possible.
Conversely: flat, positive statements are obviously less offensive, but could be more practical too.  Stock platitudes get boring after a while.

Learning and being able to take criticism is also an art, and ideally part and parcel of membership here.  Even friendly correction stings, but try not to react badly to the more negative comments.  If they're doing it right, it's meant to help.

But it's my style/Don't like it, don't look/You're just jealous/Let's see you do better.

Old chestnuts that don't mean much beyond hurt pride.  Get over them.  It helps.  Really.

Sculpting minis, then.  What counts as a mini?

Anything in any scale or 'size', though for this forum let's call the cut-off point about 1/16 or 100mm.  Even that might be venturing into 'scale figure' territory.  For anything larger, post in the Other Sculpting board.

What medium should I sculpt with?

On this forum, anything.  Epoxy putty, polymer clay, sculpting wax, styrene and other plastics, digital sculpting programs, and more.

I think my sculpting is rubbish.  I'm not sure I should post it up.

Not a problem.  This forum isn't intended as a clique for skilled experts (or I wouldn't be here).  As I mentioned at the top, anyone at all is welcome to show off their work and efforts.  Beginners and learners are especially encouraged, to get over that first hurdle.  And if you don't ask, you won't know!

I've never sculpted a mini from scratch, but I like converting them.

No problem.  Post conversions of minis, but make sure you've shaped significant details or large parts of the mini with raw materials or mediums.  A head-swap and a different gun aren't going to cut it.

How do I upload pictures?

You can upload pictures with the message attachment function, which accepts .jpg, .gif and .png files.  Four attachments per message; max. size 100kb per image.  A properly cropped and resized image should be smaller than that anyway.
We have only so much server space here, so I won't lose sleep if you want to link your pictures from photobucket or other personal sites, galleries and blogs.  Click the 'insert image' button to wrap the image address in [img] tags.

How do I crop and resize my pictures?

Use a graphic manipulation program, if you have one.  In my opinion GIMP is quite good for this, and is free to download.

So I can link to my blog?  Can I post updates?

You can submit your blog to the blog list in the Personal Logs board.  You can also post update notifications in the WIP, Finished Sculpts, or Personal Logs boards.  Include at least one spoiler picture, though.  And obviously it'd be great if your blog or updates involve the subject of sculpting or converting minis.

Do I have to post painted minis in the Painting board?

You can post painted minis in the appropriate WIP or Finished Sculpt topic.  Although it does help if there are some pics to show you sculpted it too...

I have a sculpt I want to sell.  Can I do that here?

Not just yet.  I still have to figure out forum rules about copyright and intellectual property.  Although currently, I'd appreciate it if you could avoid using other miniature/media companies' trademarked names with pictures of commercial sculpts.

Do you do greeting card embellishments?

No.  Entirely different site.  Honest.

I'm only the voice in your head.  What if real people have more questions?

Feel free to post them below.
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Re: FAQs
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thank you

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Re: FAQs
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I have one to ask/add - Can I upload 3d models (not printed, just renders)? If so, where should I put them?

Concepts sounds like exact place to go but I'm sure someone would ask this at some point anyway...
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Re: FAQs
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I have one to ask/add - Can I upload 3d models (not printed, just renders)? If so, where should I put them?

Concepts sounds like exact place to go but I'm sure someone would ask this at some point anyway...
I'd guess 'Other Sculpting- Including large-scale figures, busts, and purely digital sculpting' in the 'Arts 'n' Crafts' section would be a good place, if it's a digital 3d sculpt. If it's more of an digital sketch you're using as reference for sculpting (whether in putty or digital), then I'd say Concepts would be the right place.
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Re: FAQs
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Bit late in saying so, but Ink hit the nail on the head.