Author Topic: Factors Restricting Development of Ore Milling Equipment  (Read 70 times)

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Factors Restricting Development of Ore Milling Equipment
« on: March 13, 2018, 09:29:17 AM GMT GMT »
ore milling equipment is a kind of crusher with more advanced technology, which has the advantages of simple structure and easy to realize automatic control compared with traditional crushers. Therefore, it is widely applied in industrial production. Because of various reasons, many domestic manufactures introduce new technology and equipment from foreign countries. Related domestic manufacturers and research institutions has a number of deficiencies in digesting and absorbing advanced technology. According to analysis of experts, the main factors restricting development of domestic ore milling equipment are as follows.
1. Materials. ore milling equipment realize continuous crushing of materials relying on one-way extrusion and bending lapping effect of moving cone ,which has serious abrasion of spare parts. Performance of crusher depends on application of highly efficient wear-resistant materials to a large extent. However, there are big gaps existing in wear-resistant materials and technology for heating process between foreign and domestic countries. Hence, improving performance of wear-resistant materials and prolonging lifespan of wearing parts are important development directions of ore milling equipment as well as all crushers and even the whole manufacturing industry.
2. Structural design. Structure of ore milling equipment is seemingly simple, however, it represents comprehensive level of industrial design, manufacturing and technology. Due to the gap of overall technical level, our country lacks efficient modern design method, experiment measures and technological measures, such as virtual prototype, optimal design of crusher, etc. There are still gaps existing in product performance and reliability, and development cycle of product is long.
3. Hydraulic system. The main functions of hydraulic system of ore milling equipment is to hydraulically adjust discharge opening, protect and lubricate cone crusher. Major problems of domestic ore milling equipment are concentrated on stability of hydraulic system and quality of hydraulic parts. If the quality of hydraulic components and sealing element cannot the requirements, it's easy to leak oil, and quality of energy accumulator which plays over-iron protection role cannot be guaranteed.
4. Use and maintenance. Although the structure of ore milling equipment is simple and reliable, however, the operators should operate the machine strictly according to operating instruction. Various domestic user often improperly operate the equipment because of carelessness or lack of experience, thus cannot play its best performance. The ignored details of work will inevitably accelerate abrasion of wearing parts. When being accumulated to a certain degree, it will cause great economic loss or even lead to scrap of equipment.
In conclusion, domestic ore milling equipment should increase investment, improve performance of wear-resistant materials, adopt modern design methods and improve design and manufacturing technological level, thus improving product performance and reliability and shortening development cycle of products.