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substantial stress micro powder mill
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Immediately after 50 a long time of improvement, especially in the start of the century, China Ore Milling Equipment has actually been in “a golden period of progress.” The improvement environment improved significantly, scale of production is growing rapidly, the product types appear initial changes. The stability and service of product improved significantly in Henan mining machinery industry. The production and sales has obtained a marvellous leap from the 25603 units in 2001 to 232409 units in 2010. Inside the last year of “The Eleventh Project” 2011, the sales of Raymond mill was 193531 units, which made record in domestic sales history. The Chinese market sales had outstripped a quarter on the world’s total sales.

At present, China is becoming the power manufacturer and sales of high pressure micro powder mill within the world. Especially in 2009, China became the world’s largest producer and sales market of significant force micro powder mill, China’s international standing and influence constantly grew. According to the industry conditions during “The Eleventh Five-Year Project”, we can summarize as follows:The rate of growth is large, domestic market is better than expected; the exports gain huge benefits. Chinese superior strain micro powder mill has maintained double-digit progress in five years except the financial crisis in 2009. The sales 232409 units in 2010 is three times than the sales 78709 units in 2005, the annual average development rate is 25% from 2001 to 2010. The domestic market is benefit from our country’s rapid and stable economic advancement environment. The advancement rate was more than 25% in 2006 and 2007. Because the global financial crisis in 2008 and 2009, the advancement rate of Europe and America, Japan and other countries fall 50%, while the Chinese market remained at 2007 levels. After two yrs of silence, Market broke finally in 2010. The annual development achieved 68.34 percent, which was far exceeded the expectations. The proportion of domestic market is getting bigger and better from the world and Asia.

In “The Eleventh Five-Year Project” period, at the time of meeting the growing demand of domestic market, China’s exports of substantial force micro powder mill attained huge success along with global economic integration progress. From 2004 to 2007, the advancement rate of exports of high pressure micro powder mil was more than 60%. Due to the financial crisis and the reduced of world’s total orders in 2008 and 2009, this industry had a sharp decline. Primarily for the slow recovery of world economic in 2009, the exports dropped to 2006 levels. During the demand expansion of developing countries and the gradually recovery of growth countries economic, our exports was return to pre-crisis level of 2007. In ten decades, China’s exports of large force micro powder mill have increased to nearly 50000 units in 2010 from less than 2500 units in 2000. The total of exports in 2010 was 2.86 times than the 16462 unties in 2005. The main export manufactures are more than 30, with export countries reached 176.