Author Topic: Nike's New Collection Reimagines These Iconic Sneakers for Women  (Read 157 times)

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Nike's New Collection Reimagines These Iconic Sneakers for Women
« on: January 19, 2018, 07:49:48 AM GMT GMT »
Stylish sneakers—like that chunky Balenciaga creation seen on virtually every model these days, something sparkly and star-studded, or a crisp white pair like nike air max 1 womens clearance sale—have played a bigger part in the fashion dialogue in recent years, largely due to the rise of streetwear. But sneaker culture can feel like a boys’ club: The coolest drops inherently cater to men by offering only larger sizes, so female sneakerheads are often relegated to collecting, not wearing, the coveted kicks. (Plus, sneakers have long been a signifier of masculinity.) When, or even if, a hotly desired pair of kicks eventually gets produced in smaller sizes for women, materials or key details are usually downgraded. So what might a collection of athletic, aesthetically advanced trainers look like if an entirely female creative team was in charge? Nike decided to explore precisely that scenario.

Introduction the 1 Reimagined collection: 10 overhauls of a duo of O.G. Nike styles that’ve been essential players in sneaker culture for decades, courtesy of a women-only group of designers. “We looked at two of our most iconic shoes, the Nike Air Force 1 and the Air Jordan 1, which were designed by, and for, men,” Georgina James, nike air max thea ultra flyknit senior creative director of women’s footwear, tells Glamour.

The Air Force 1, launched in 1982, and Air Jordan 1, which dates back to 1985. (The latter has played a pivotal role in streetwear culture too.) “We reimagined them through the lens of our female consumer,” James says. “We pulled a team together of 14 women, which consisted of color design, material design, and product design.” The color, material, and product design pros collaboratively tackled five different traits—explorer, jester, lover, rebel and sage—for each seminal shoe. There’s lots of fashiony, #OOTD-worthy detailing: Think added height, lacing up the back instead of the front, and subtle proportional exaggerations. The collection ranges from $120 to $160 per pair, and will be available on February 7 at and in nike air max 1 womens clearance sale location in NYC; on February 16 the 1 Reimagined collection will drop widely in Nike stores nationally.

“We designed this collection from start to finish in five weeks, which was incredibly quick,” explains Marie Crow, material design director of Nike Sportswear nike air max thea ultra flyknit. From conception to launch, 1 Reimagined took around 10 months; by contrast, the creative timeline for a collection is typically at least two years long, she says. The design phase of just over a month was quick because working so collaboratively was markedly different from the standard creative process, per James and Crow.

Nike has been doubling down on its women’s business for the past few years. Behind the scenes that’s resulted in recently created product and design teams devoted to Nike Women’s Running, Sportswear, and Training, per James and Crow. (Both stress that being female sneaker designers hasn’t made it