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The Rules
« on: March 04, 2010, 05:50:45 PM GMT GMT »

- Important: this forum is intended to be universal (or at least PG) and family-friendly: something you can show your granny or five-year-old, though note that allowances won't be made for specific grannies who swear like a docker.  To that end:

* Keep your language fairly clean.  The more extreme words will be filtered out, but think more along the lines of four-letter words like 'flip' and 'darn' anyway.

* Nudity is part and parcel of sculpting human anatomy.  It's allowed in sculpts here based on relevance, context and merit - it can sometimes easily slide into (over)sexualised content, which is frowned on by management - and provided there are appropriate labels in the topic title (e.g. [nudity] or [nsfw]).  Try to err on the safe side: bear in mind your idea of where 'the line' is might not be the same as others, especially the admin and moderators.

* Similarly, most subjects here may be military or wargaming miniatures, but please try to tone down any gore and disembowelments you feel compelled to put in your sculpting (and painting) too.

- One of the aims of this forum is frank and constructive criticism, but that doesn't include flaming, trolling or harassment.  Warnings will be given to bickering parties, and particularly persistent, obscene or threatening offenders will be dealt with more harshly.

- Respect the opinions and beliefs of others, but don't use it as an excuse to go off on a rant yourself.  I don't have the patience to police heated political debates, and this isn't the place anyway.  The biggest controversy here should be laser guns vs. M1917 Enfields.


- To keep things clear, mention some details about the sculpt in the topic title; in parentheses or brackets if you like.  Scale or size; game and manufacturer if there is one; genre or subgenre in the case of science fiction or fantasy miniatures; period and nationality in the case of historical or military miniatures.

- Please don't double-post.  Use the edit button.

- Quoting a long post or several long posts with a response like 'me too' won't earn you many brownie points.  Cut out the parts that aren't relevant.


- Images can be linked from external sources, or uploaded via message attachment.  Due to infrequent problems with SMF message attachments, an external host (photobucket, flickr, imageshack etc., or your own site or blog if you have one) is recommended for more permanent display.

- Excessively large embedded images will be automatically resized to a maximum of 650 pixels wide.  Message attachments larger than 150kb will be automatically resized, though most reasonably-sized jpegs should be less than 100kb.

- Message attachments are limited to four per message.

- See 'Conduct' above for appropriate image content.


- Avatars are limited in size to 90x90 pixels.

- Signatures are limited to three lines of text at the normal font size.

- Signature banner images are allowed, but are limited to 70 pixels in height.  One sig banner and one additional line of text per customer.

- No eggs or world-conquering bunnies.

- See 'Conduct' above for appropriate content.
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