Author Topic: How Can Users Reduce Supplies while in the Rotary Kiln from Collapsing?  (Read 143 times)

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How Can Users Reduce Supplies while in the Rotary Kiln from Collapsing?
« on: December 25, 2017, 11:06:35 AM GMT GMT »
<p>The material collapsing issue is generally seen within the operating method from the rotary kiln that will have considerably influence about the efficiency, the product high-quality and services daily life on the  Ultrafine Mill . The principle explanation leading to the over challenge is the fact that there are actually also numerous components accumulating within the vertical tank or even the whirlwind tank with the rotary kiln. Once we speak about the collapsing phenomenon, we suggest that there are tons of raw components falling from your vertical tank then they enter the kiln. Then they flow into the firing zone through the kiln tail and if not handled very well, they may result in harm on the regular manufacturing and be sprayed out to burn customers. That&rsquo;s not what we want to see.</p>
<p>The reasons leading to the components to accumulate are: 1. The whirlwind tank is beaten not in time which results inside the failure of unloading ash. Once beaten, a large amount of ash will be unloaded and the collapsing phenomenon happens for the resources. 2. There is no inclination to the surface of the retraction ring which causes the components to flow in time. When elements pile up to certain height or there occurs larger vibration, products flow in to the rotary kiln.</p>
<p>Therefore, it&rsquo;s urgent to handle the material collapsing issue happening on the rotary kiln effectively. First, we should arrange specially-assigned person to keep an eye over the whirlwind pre-heater within the vertical tank in order to avoid the deposition difficulty. Second, the surface with the retraction ring is made of refractory bricks into a 45 degree slope and is sleeked by the fire clay, thus making the ash movement in time and reducing the deposition. Customers should pay attention on the importance with the collapsing materials.</p>