Author Topic: Several Means of Reducing Maintenance Cost of Opencast Equipment  (Read 115 times)

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Several Means of Reducing Maintenance Cost of Opencast Equipment
« on: December 20, 2017, 10:03:55 AM GMT GMT »

<p>Open-pit coal mining relies on Ore Milling Equipment  such as power-driven excavator and truck and the operating status of the opencast equipment will directly influence the benefit of open-pit mining. Plenty of equipment investment makes the maintenance cost very high, so that for open-pit coal mines, it is extremely necessary to reduce the maintenance cost.</p>

(1) Strength the maintenance of the equipment<p>Maintaining the opencast equipment in a planned and scientific way can reduce the failure rate, reduce the abrasion of the equipment and delay the aging the equipment.</p>
(2) Enhance scheduled and preventative maintenance<p>According to the actual production condition of the coal mine and the running status of the equipment, take the initiative to carry out reasonable scheduled and preventative maintenance to effectively avoid collateral damage.</p>
(3) Strengthen the training of operating staff<p>In practical work, it is common that the machine is damaged due to the skill level of the operating staff, so that strengthening the operating skill training of the operating staff will greatly reduce the abnormal wear and tear damage on the equipment, thus effectively saving the maintenance cost.</p>
(4) Improve the quality of the repairer<p>The cultural quality and technical level of the repairer will directly influence the maintenance quality of the equipment, for this reason, it is very necessary to improve the quality and maintenance level of the repairer.</p>
(5) Refine the maintenance cost to unit set and carry out link cost<p>To control the maintenance cost of the opencast equipment, it is necessary to refine the maintenance cost to unit set and to every maintenance link.</p>
(6) Reinforce the technical reform and innovation of the equipment<p>It has been proved that technical reform and innovation of the equipment is an effective method and means to save maintenance cost and improve production capacity.</p>
(7) Strengthen the repair and recycling of the assembly part<p>Energetically carrying out repair and recycling, especially the maintenance and recycling of the assembly part is a very important measure to save consumption. Through repair, assembly and recycling, the cost can be greatly saved.</p>
(8) Intensify the spare parts management and control the quality of spare parts<p>As a large part of the equipment maintenance cost goes to the spare parts, intensifying the spare parts management is a strong measure to reduce the maintenance cost of opencast equipment.</p>
(9) Use high-quality lubricating oil<p>Lubrication is an important link in the operation process of the equipment and the lubrication work will directly determine the service life and the serviceability rate of the equipment.</p>
(10) Strengthen the examination of cost<p>Strengthen the examination of the cost in maintenance shop and team and strictly control the maintenance cost consumed by the maintenance shop to avoid unnecessary consumption.</p>