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Working principle and advantage analysis of ultrafine grinding equipment
« on: December 07, 2017, 08:39:57 AM GMT GMT »
Ultrafine Grinding has a wide range of applications and market demand, which is closely related to the performance of ultra-fine grinding.The ultrafine mill has improved the efficiency, output and the granularity of finished products, optimized the drawbacks of the grinding machine, and greatly improved the production and energy saving. Shanghai world to introduce to you is ultra-fine grinding work principle and main advantages, to help you more understand ultra-fine grinding!
1. The working principle of ultrafine grinding
ultrafine Grinding principle: grinding material by the lock wind feeding equipment into the rotating disc center, under the action of centrifugal force, materials to the periphery of the disc movement, into the grinding roller. It is crushed under the action of the grinding roller pressure. At the same time, the material after grinding is blown by the high speed airflow at the wind ring, drying the suspended material, fine powder by the hot air into the separator for grading, qualified fine powder collected by dust collection equipment for the product, unqualified coarse powder fell to the grinding mill, so cycle, complete the whole process of grinding, to achieve the material crushing, drying, grinding, Select powder Integration operation. Ultrafine grinding mainly by the selection of powder machine, grinding roller device, disc device, pressure device, reducer, motor, shell and other components. Separator is an efficient and energy-saving powder separator. Grinding rollers are parts used to crush materials. The disc is fixed on the output shaft of the reducer and is the place where the grinding roller presses the material. The pressurizing device is a part that provides roller pressure for the rollers, and provides sufficient pressure to grind the rollers to crush the material.
2. Ultrafine Mill advantage.
(1) The cost of production and investment greatly reduced: ultra-fine grinding system process, compact layout, small area, covers an area of about 70% of the ball mill system, the construction space of about 60% of the spherical grinding system and can be arranged in the open air, directly reducing the investment costs of enterprises. and ultrafine grinding equipment itself has a separator, do not need additional powder separator and lifting equipment. The dust-containing gas can be collected directly by a bag-type dust collector or electrostatic precipitator.
(2) High production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection: ultrafine grinding using the material layer grinding principle grinding materials, low energy consumption, grinding system power consumption than the ball mill low $number, and with the increase in raw material moisture, energy-saving effect more obvious. The energy consumption of ultrafine grinding equipment system is $number compared with the ball-milling system. Ultrafine grinding equipment in the work of the ball mill in the collision of steel balls, impact of the lining plate of metal impact sound, so the noise is smaller than the ball mill low 20~25db. In addition, ultrafine grinding equipment using a fully closed system, the system under negative pressure, no dust, clean environment.
(3) Material drying Ability: ultrafine grinding using hot air conveying materials, in the powder grinding water larger materials can be controlled into the air temperature, so that products meet the final moisture requirements. In ultra-fine grinding equipment can be dried-powder grinding into the $number material.
(4) Easy to operate, easy to maintain: equipped with automatic control system, can be achieved remotely controlled, easy to operate, through the overhaul of the cylinder, turning the arm, can be convenient and fast replacement of the roller sleeve, liner, reduce the loss of enterprise downtime.
(5) Product quality is stable and easy to test: the chemical composition of the product is stable, particle grading is homogeneous, which is conducive to calcination. The time for the material to stay in the ultrafine grinding equipment is only 2~3min, and the 15~20min in the ball mill. Therefore, the chemical composition and fineness of ultrafine grinding equipment can be determined and corrected quickly.
(6) Small wear, high utilization rate: Because of ultra-fine grinding equipment running in the grinding roller and disc no direct contact between metal, wear small, the unit product metal consumption is generally 5~10g/t.
Fully visible, ultra-fine grinding is prevalent in the cause of the basic satisfaction of the current customer demand for grinding equipment, I believe that with the continuous improvement of technology, ultra-fine grinding of the product performance will be more perfect, also only so can grasp the market, not be eliminated!