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Analysis of development of global portable crusher plant
« on: December 06, 2017, 10:11:24 AM GMT GMT »
It is stricter to manage construction waste and waste landfill around the world, which makes builders reprocess construction waste at the site. By this way it not only reduces landfill costs, but also adds income by selling the recycling construction materials.
For these reasons, we can see that mobile crushing and screening machines deal with block construction waste and reinforced concrete in many large-scale dismantle sites of world, and then recycle to new building materials. But demolition work shows small scale in the world. From the view of cost, it is not suitable to adopt large tracked or wheeled screen.
Because of strict management of construction waste, many construction projects in the planning stage are arranged in the sites. Therefore, although many portable crusher plants have low capacity, the demand is continuously increasing, international demolition and recycle, the magazine reported the development situation of the industry.
In England there are thirty percent of construction waste and demolition waste. The key sites from defra suggestion is the management plan of site waste, it goes into details about how to reduce, recycle and deal with site waste. The plan will become a legal provision, which is suitable for construction projects that the bids are more than 4.95 million dollars.
According to the manufacturers Dig Bits and Marcus Clay of portable crusher plant said that they have produced concrete crushing machines since 1999, and in 2004 produced mobile crushing machines. In a short period of time, demolition and recycle industry change tremendously. Of course, the European countries and developed counties are included, the changes are more grater.
From above introduction, we can see that the demand of portable crusher plants is increasing obviously in the world.