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Ninjabread - Project Change
« on: October 09, 2010, 04:29:47 PM BST GMT »
I noticed this on CMoN, and it's got the right amount of rabid collector's mentality, vintage mini history and good painting to get me hooked.  Curis at has taken it upon himself to paint every Tzeentch-themed mini that Games Workshop has produced.  Including all the variations of multi-part minis.  If he manages to stick to one mini every ten days, he should be finished in 6-7 years.  Then he can start on the Tzeentch minis GW releases in that time.

Here are the Project Change posts at Ninjabread.  He's already got a decent little collection of horrors and some other minis painted up.  But it's a typical blog - you'll have to go to the last page to see the first post.