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the characteristics and advantages of ultrafine mill
« on: November 13, 2017, 03:38:52 AM GMT GMT »
In the fierce competition, only strength can convince people, in the ultrafine mill industry, but also the strength of competition, there is no strength, means that there is no market, so the mill manufacturers to conquer the user through strength. The emergence of ultrafine mill is a new requirement for the particle size of the finished mill in the market. Therefore, its appearance is the symbol of strength. Here, the mill is the model of the whole industry, we uphold the principle of service first, to provide users with a batch of quality products, so that users in the use of the process, there is no worries.

The new ultrafine mill has a competitive advantage in performance. It has been improved on the basis of general mills, making it more durable than other mills and more in line with the requirements of production.

First, it is efficient and energy saving: it is more than twice as much as that of air mill, stirring mill and ball mill in the same fineness and power of the motor.

Second, its safety and reliability is high: because there is no rolling bearing and no screw in the grinding chamber, there is no problem of the bearing and its seal being vulnerable. There is no problem that the screw is easy to loosen and destroy the machine, and it has been guaranteed in the safety production.

Third, its wearing parts have long service life: the grinding roll and the grinding ring of ultrafine grinding are made by special materials, so that the utilization degree of the mill is greatly improved. With the same fineness of materials and finished products, the service life of the wearing parts is 2-5 times longer than that of the general mill, and the utility model can be used for more than one year. When the calcium carbonate and calcite are processed, the service life can be up to 2-5 years.

Fourth, the product fineness high: the ultra-fine grinding fineness can reach D97 time less than or equal to 5 mu m.

Fifth, environmental protection, clean: ultra-fine grinding using pulse dust catcher to capture dust, using muffler to reduce noise, with environmental protection, clean features, fully meet the environmental standards home, you can rest assured that the use of.

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