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Fashion Bovet RECITAL 12 MONSIEUR DIMIER Replica watch R120003 for sale
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BOVET Récital 20 Astérium® - 10 Days Flying Tourbillon with Astronomy Night Sky Calendar

replica Bovet watches price.In 2016, BOVET 1822 launched Récital18 Shooting Stars®, the headline of its innovative time show. The many honors of this watch prove its unparalleled identity and achievements.

The Récital20Astérium® seamlessly continues its tradition of distinguished predecessors, reshaping the typical housing, presenting an unprecedented mechanical display of the timepiece's decoration and volume.

Time is determined by the position of the stars in the sky. Based on this undeniable fact, the night sky was chosen to play the "starring" role of this new, extraordinary timepiece. This sky map is faithful to the rationale behind the BOVET 1822 control complexity development, the functionality, precision and visualization of a design. With that in mind, BOVET 1822 technicians opted to draw stars and constellations visible on the globe from translucent sapphire domes that were laser-carved to create a dazzling array of colors before being coated on Super-LumiNova® The real-life sky. To ensure the most realistic realism, the tallest star in the sky is depicted on the top of the dome, with the lowest star closest to the horizon appearing on the edge of the display hole. However, this unparalleled precision of time shows that Pascal Raffy and his artisans were negligible without the same stringent mechanical precision of timepieces. To this end, they designed a star calendar.wholesale Hublot replica Watches

The duration of a complete Earth orbit (referred to as the stellar year) is 365 days, 6 hours, 9 minutes, 9.77 seconds, or 365.25 days. For obvious reasons, the Gregorian calendar had to reduce the number of days in a year to 365 days and to compensate for the remaining time by adding an additional day every four years, which gave us a leap year. Although the Gregorian calendar is the perfect way to govern our everyday lives, it varies 0.25 years per year from the annual reality until it is resynchronized every four years. Calendars commonly used in the manufacture of watches - permanent or otherwise - are based on a Gregorian calendar and using this mechanism to drive the night sky can lead to significant cumulative errors in reading time.

The collection of stellar indications on the night sky and Astérium® is therefore based on an annual calendar of 365.25 days to reflect the actual duration of a complete Earth orbit. Due to the combination of this display and the correctness of the timepiece, the instantaneous position of the stars in the sky is displayed with unparalleled precision.

Although sophisticated ingenuity has evolved into Astérium®, its mechanism and winding device are designed to be simple, intuitive and dependable, simply turning the watch over and looking through the clear sapphire crystal that covers the entire movement. It contains a series of astronomy-related graduation ceremonies through which a central hand can traverse. This hand is directly driven by the annual calendar, so a full rotation takes place every 365.25 days.

The annual calendar (date and month) graduated from the back of the case for precise night sky adjustment. Quickly set the crown time in the center position to turn the hour and minute hands off, and adjust the position of the night sky quickly and easily to adjust for all star information. To do this, the wearer simply moves the center hand forward until it reflects the correct date, and then adjusts the crown's time in the middle. This operation takes much less time than adjusting the calendar, and does not require a corrector. The same hand also shows signs of a Zodiac along graduation, a symbol of the constellation that appears in front of the sun throughout the year - so the exquisite hand-carved sun is riveted over the part of the hand that runs through this part. The clock is further shown inside the clock, like the winter solstice and the vernal Richard Mille replica Watches

Back in front of the clock revealed some new additional indications. The bottom left and bottom left corner of the night sky ignore both dual hemispheric indicators, while on the left hemisphere the exact phase of the moon lags the time indicator equation.

The duration of the true solar day - corresponding to the exact time interval between the two lanes of the sun at the same given point in time - varies throughout the year. In fact, Earth takes 23 hours and 56 minutes to rotate 360 ​​° on its own axis. However, depending on the Earth's position in the orbit of the orbit, the sun will appear at the earliest or later same point of zenith relative to the average 24-hour day of the replica Zenith Watches