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High-quality Cement Grinding
« on: November 08, 2017, 08:14:33 AM GMT GMT »
Grinding cement will produce a whole lot of heat, that are detrimental towards the top quality of cement plus the grinding efficiency and have a terrific impact on the yield. The water is atomized to spray in to the Ore Milling Equipment  through the high-pressure air, which affectively takes away the heat through the mill and makes the mill preserve cool. Water will be the surface lively substance, which may easily make the coalescence with particles know the disintegration to prevent the material on the grinding media. The water spraying is established by the temperature in the mill, which can not spray water beneath 1000℃ normally.
In addition, the quantity of the spraying water is established from the temperature of your clinker from the mill, which may be about 1%-2% and can make the water injected within the mill evaporate wholly with no residual moisture. The two water spraying from the grinding head and in the grinding finish are Okay. When the temperature on the material within the mill is very high, it really is favorable to spray water in the grinding head. Under regular circumstances, spraying water from the grinding finish is widespread. Spraying water within the mill can raise the manufacturing by 5%-10%. The grinding system can control instantly. According to your noise with the mill, it might be the most effective to make use of the electric ear process to regulate the electromagnetic vibrating conveyors or belt conveyors, manage the quantity of the materials from the mill and automatically modify the materials to maintain it even. On this way, the amount of the material inside the mill can hold the very best state which could strengthen the output.
There is wind velocity in the mill in order that the powder developed during the grinding procedure is usually taken away promptly by air, which minimizes the cushioning result on the micro powder, improves the grinding efficiency. In addition to, there might be no effect on the excellent of your products. The ventilation charge in the mill grinding is distinctive as a result of various components, which can be generally 0.3-1.0 m/s. Within a well-ventilated place, the steam from the mill can discharge within a timely method to ensure that the holes on the diaphragm plate is not going to ne blocked, the adhesion phenomena on the grinding media is lowered and make the temperature inside the mill may be decreased, which is favorable to the mill operation to enhance the excellent in the solutions. Lower speed should really bu made use of in making high-strength grade cement. Within the contrary, higher velocity should really be utilized.