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Sand aggregate production line
« on: November 03, 2017, 03:21:40 AM GMT GMT »
The process setting and equipment selection of sand aggregate production line is an important part of modern aggregate mine production. Aggregate production line produced by our company, Construction Waste Crusher , sand making machine, vibrating screen and other equipment is essential, with the continuous innovation and development, to meet the market demand for aggregate production, professional production lines, can produce different specifications of the aggregate. The complete production line consists of four systems: feeding system, crushing and sand making system, screening system and sorting system. From the original stone into a molding, uniform size, strong supporting. The specific process is as follows:

First, pretreatment. This stage is the main way to hammer the bulk material aggregate in pre ore crushing, and sorting of which is not suitable for crushing debris, remove waste wood, plastic stool debris, to facilitate the next process. And the initial separation, will scrap iron removal in aggregate.

Two. Crushing and making sand. The first use of jaw crusher is carried out for the material level is broken, by vibrating feeder uniform feeding, with two broken jaw jaw movement will break into smaller chunks of gravel aggregate degree. The crushing ratio of the equipment is large, the processing capacity can be selected according to the needs of users of different specifications, the maximum production capacity of 2200t/h, can fully adapt to the crushing treatment of large-scale aggregate. The thick broken material from the conveyor equipment transported to transfer reactor. Then, the sand shaping machine can be used for fine crushing of the material, and after the treatment of the sand machine, the aggregate size is uniform, the grain shape is perfect, and the application range is wide.

Three, first grade screening. In this stage, a circular vibrating screen is used to divide the coarse aggregate into 0-40mm blocks and crushed materials below 5mm. Which is directly used for general C15-C20 concrete can 5-40mm coarse aggregate after collection. Fine aggregate can be transported to the transfer pile next procedure.

Four and two times crushing and screening. The two can be used for grinding ball mill, fine aggregate crushing again. Two screening the crushed aggregate into 5-20mm high-quality recycled aggregate concrete, and can be used for the C25-C30 manufacturing, three by 0.15mm-5mm screening of high quality recycled fine aggregate and 0.15mm micro powder.