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Characteristics of mobile construction waste crusher
« on: November 02, 2017, 02:43:59 AM GMT GMT »
In the design of Construction Waste Crusher , mainly in accordance with the modular scheme to complete, so the module must be flexible replacement, and then the corresponding reconstruction processing. Because of the construction waste composition is more complicated, in addition will also from the perspective of diversification of the provisions of these recycled products, in the mobile crushing construction waste disposal device using different types of machine, and device for the user to design scientific and applicable, to ensure that the formulation of making products.

The advanced control system is arranged in the mobile crushing station equipment, can accurately control various parts of equipment, but also can be long-distance operation and control equipment, can not only ensure that the operating personnel of their own safety, can also be simple to operate.

Mobile crusher is an automatic, high-performance new material crushing equipment which integrates screening, sundries sorting and crushing. It can integrate production line on a mobile platform and rotate and move in place. In addition, it can walk automatically in a relatively short distance.