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floor accessories
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Carefully floor accessories become indoor environment "killer"  Floor accessories and accessories selection is not good, it may bring health risks. It is understood that people in the selection of wood flooring, tend to focus on the floor of the wear resistance, formaldehyde emission, color style and other flooring quality problems, and for floor glue, floor mats and other accessories often do not attach importance to environmental issues The Many families in the shop floor flooring often fall into such a misunderstanding, that is, only the floor itself will release formaldehyde. According to industry insiders, in the actual installation process, workers will use more or less floor glue, high quality flooring glue expensive, many businesses tend to use cheaper ordinary glue, and even low-cost low-quality glue, to the consumer's family Bring environmental risks. The industry suggested that consumers in the purchase of decoration materials do not only pay attention to the quality of wood flooring and ignore the quality of these ingredients, accessories and environmental protection. On these floors "supporting role", but also choose to meet the national environmental standards of products. It is best to separate the floor and accessories to buy, and signed an environmental contract with the business.
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