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Effect of ball mill grinding on material grinding
« on: October 26, 2017, 09:51:50 AM BST GMT »
The main work part material in ultrafine mill  grinding cylinder on the level of low speed rotary cylinder, when the transmission device is driven to rotate when the polishing body due to centrifugal force, attached to the surface of the inner wall of the lining of the drum with rotary, was brought to a certain height, by gravity free fall at this time, the grinding body material in the cylinder body in a rotary grinding crushed, and the mill in addition to the rising and falling circulation, will produce sliding and rolling, the grinding body, lining plate and grinding material between the ground material function. The material in the impact crushing and grinding at the same time, borrow feed end and the discharge end of the material surface height difference, the material from the feed end to the discharge end of slowly flowing, finish grinding operation.

It is obvious that the motion state of the grinding body has a great influence on the lapping of the material when the mill is in normal operation. Can be brought to the mill is high, like a projectile like grinding down the body due to its high kinetic energy, so has the ability to impact crushing of material; mill cannot be carried aloft, and material sliding together, has strong ability of grinding material.

The motion state of the grinding body in the mill is usually related to the speed of the mill, the amount of the material in the mill and the quality of the grinding body. The speed of the cylinder determines the size of the inertia centrifugal force produced by the grinding. When the cylinder with different speed, the grinding body will appear 3 kinds of motion: when cylinder speed is too low, can not be brought to a higher level of grinding, grinding and then material generated by gravity decline, is pouring motion ", little impact on material, almost only the effect of grinding, and grinding effect, reduce production capacity. When the cylinder speed is too high, because the inertia centrifugal force is greater than the gravity of the grinding body itself, the grinding body and material attached to the inner wall of the cylinder, rotating together with the cylinder does not fall, showing a circular motion state". The grinding body does not have any impact and grinding on the material. When the rotating speed of the cylinder is moderate, the grinding body is lifted to a certain height and then thrown down and thrown into a "falling motion state". At this time, the grinding body has a greater impact and grinding effect on the material, and the grinding effect is better.

In the barrel, the grinding body filling quantity smaller, the cylinder speed is high, then the grinding body of rolling and sliding is smaller, resulting in grinding of materials is small, when the number of the grinding body filled many, distributed in the grinding body near the cross section of the central part of the. Not enough to form a projectile motion. And more rolling and sliding, resulting in grinding of materials and grinding. Therefore, when grinding large or hard materials, the average size of the grinding body is larger, and the number of loading can be less, so as to ensure that the grinding body has enough ejection and landing height, and strengthen the impact crushing effect. On the contrary, when grinding smaller or easier to grind materials, the average size of the grinding body can be smaller, but the number of loading should be more, which will strengthen the grinding effect.