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Brief introduction of ultrafine grinding mill
« on: October 25, 2017, 11:10:26 AM BST GMT »
Ultrafine grinding mill is the most popular grinding milling equipment. Ore ultrafine mill for ceramic, talc, barite, calcite, feldspar, Mohs hardness of less than 7, the humidity in a variety of 6% following non flammable and explosive chemicals, building materials and other industries milling processing engineering, the material can be adjusted arbitrarily between 100-325, according to the user demand for the production of material size. Its application range is very wide, deeply loved by users, for users concerned about the problem briefly described.

Ultrafine grinding mill structure of ore powder
Ore powder ultrafine grinding mill is composed of a host machine, a fan, a cyclone separator, a product analyzer, cyclone separator and an air pipe, the user can wear with bucket elevator and vibration feeder for grinding and processing in the process of using ultrafine mineral powder.

ultrafine grinding superiority of ore powder
1. The ultrafine grinding mill adopts special transmission device, and the ultra fine mill runs smoothly and operates reliably.

2. ultra fine grinding structure design compact, small footprint, convenient user operation and maintenance, can save production costs.

3. the wear parts of ultra fine grinding are made of special materials, and the product can be used for a long time, which can reduce the maintenance cost.

4. the use of advanced electrical system control, equipment can realize unmanned operation, can save labor costs, save maintenance costs.

5. high screening rate of equipment, can be as high as 99%, equipment failure rate is low, save production time.