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Study on layered crushing characteristics of impact crusher
« on: October 24, 2017, 07:54:18 AM BST GMT »
Gold Ore Crusher  for crushing process in-depth study of crushing of granular material in the cavity, of crusher and rock material movement characteristics influence on the crusher performance, this paper puts forward the crusher and granular materials based on the motion characteristics of fragmentation characteristics.

The so-called hierarchical fragmentation characteristics, refers to the crusher working parameter and structure parameter and granular material by crushing the kinematic and dynamic characteristics of cavity based on crushing cavity crushing stratification research, namely granular material in crushing chamber and machine kinematic and dynamics rules to physical crushing cavity is divided into several extrusion fracture zone Extrusion Based on the thought of granular material in crushing chamber broken in the crushing cavity layer, so as to squeeze type laminated cavity design provides a way of crushing.

The layered crushing characteristic is the extension and perfection of the layered crushing hypothesis of the impact crusher proposed by Wuhan University of Metallurgical Science and technology, so that it can be suitable for the study of the performance of all kinds of extrusion crushers. Layered fracture hypothesis does not consider the impact of the motion characteristics of the crusher itself characteristic of the granular material movement, but the assumption that only by their own gravity granular materials in the crushing cavity, each crushing layer from the feeding port to the discharge port of the simple transfer. In addition, the division of crushing cavities based on the layered crushing hypothesis is based on the assumption of human (the height of each fractured layer), and does not fully consider the physical laws of the crusher and the granular material.