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Counterattack crusher maintenance cheats
« on: October 23, 2017, 04:12:11 AM BST GMT »
Construction Waste Crusher  is a crushing equipment commonly used in sand production line and crushing production line. It is famous for its fine grain type. It is important to maintain the equipment maintenance for long term stability and stability of the crusher.

1, after the new machine has been put into operation, each class must be fully checked when the counterattack is finished.

2, after running every week, the counterattack broken motor, lubrication for a comprehensive inspection. Inspection includes the fixed parts of the fastening, belt transmission, bearing seal, back lining, lining board wear all put a check, and combined with the maintenance cycle establish regular maintenance and replacement system.

3. Adjustment of clearance between rotor and counterattack liner: when the rotor of the counter crusher is running, the clearance between the rotor and the counter liner can not be adjusted. If the material block is stuck between the back plate and the plate and shell, it is suggested to lift the counterattack frame slightly between the re adjustment gaps, so that the block feeding will become loose and the counterattack frame is easy to adjust. If the back frame is not adequate, can pat in a relaxed rod (with a piece of wood, the rotor and the gap protection) impact plate is accomplished by adjusting device of the machine, first loosen the bolts, and then rotate in the long nut, then pull upward direction, adjusting screw sets that will tighten.

4, replacement of vulnerable parts: counterattack crusher replacement of vulnerable parts, first open after the shelves. When the utility model is used, the connecting bolt of the upper frame and the middle box body is firstly unloaded, and then the wrench is screwed to the six corner head part of the flip device, and then the frame is opened slowly. At the same time, the rear frame can be hung by the hanging device above the rack. Repeat the above process, that is, up and down shelves.

5, plate hammer: counterattack plate hammer wear to a certain extent, should be adjusted or replaced in time, in order to avoid damage to fasteners and other components.

6, liner: after opening the cover, remove cotter pin, for fixing impact plate slotted nuts, bolts, it will wear the impact plate after replacement. If install new counterattack lining board, reverse these steps immediately.

7, bearing: temperature is too high may be due to excessive or insufficient grease, grease dirt, bearing damage, replacement bearing counterattack crusher in the sand production line plays a key step.