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Correct investment in cone crusher
« on: October 20, 2017, 03:11:24 AM BST GMT »
Construction Waste Crusher  is suitable for crushing gravel material, the device has high crushing ratio, high production is used for crushing gravel material processing equipment, many users complain about the purchase of cone crusher not only a waste of money, and poor quality, low yield, and certainly a point is that we have chosen to make some equipment useless investment, a waste of money, and add unnecessary trouble; then the problem is that many users do not know how to invest, is actually very simple, as long as the method of small guidance, I believe that many users will avoid wasting money, as follows:

1 season: no matter what kind of products, there is the sales season, the off-season, the same as the mechanical equipment is so large taper crushing machine, suggest that we want to invest in a cone crusher in the equipment selection of the off-season, many manufacturers in order to increase sales, provide many preferential policies. For example: the purchase of cone crusher accessories to send, or equipment will be discounted to sell, so the choice of investment season cone crusher is more cost-effective.

2, the choice of the manufacturer: direct type manufacturer is the equipment sales to the user, without intermediate affiliate, middlemen, reduce the profit problems from user directly, enjoy low factory price.

3, to consult the manufacturer's official website: the official website of the most affordable factories have specialized equipment, not only above the ultra low price, and customer service staff will have to guide you to recommend the high quality and inexpensive cone crusher, skip to the actual price reselling, equipment investment.

From the price of investment can be cone crusher, but how to spend less time and money and is a bit more important, so it is reasonable to invest less money; first, user investment cone crusher according to their actual needs of daily production output is how much, inform the manufacturer, because the device type variety the production capacity of different types, sizes and yield are also different, so want to spend less money wasted, and can satisfy the production demand, advance understanding of their needs is a very critical point; then, selection of crushing processing sand material, to understand the material properties, avoid high hardness, gravel aggregate production of high humidity in blocking the discharge opening, or lead to the production of crushing cavity decreased gradually, so as to make the purchase of cone crusher make the best use of it, to improve the students Production benefit, do not spend undeserved money.