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chosen wood of green and environmental protection
« on: October 11, 2017, 05:00:51 AM BST GMT »
The health that the wooden floor board that chooses environmental protection ogreen can give you brings profit with living environment. So how is floor of wood of green environmental protection chosen? From proceed with of whicfew respects?
1, should see certificate do not listen vaunting: The country avoids environment of check attestation, China to indicate (namely 10 annulus indicate) wait for systematic attestation with ISO9000, ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO14001. Among them, 10 annulus indicate whether can discerning is the standard of floor of environmental protection wood, the mark has strict attestation range. Europe sendfloor to all have attestation letter, agency can let show inquiry when consumer is bought, the eye sees listen for solid ear for empty.
2, should not want by judgement by subjective idea: Take floor owood, hear in edge chamfer place, if compare pungent, show formaldehyde releasquantity taller. Take two wood floor to undertake going all out closing, look to spell the concave and convex chamfer that closes close, if concave and convex chamfer is occlusive not close together, the meeting after wooden floor uses period of time causes degum, aperture appears on wooden floor, after eating hydrosphere, dust, wooden floor can be out of shapbag. Floor of wood of choose and buy is unfavorable choose color very deep or of black, because the wooden floor of this kind of design and color is likely wear-resisting performance is poorer, or exterior definition not beautiful.
3, it is cheap to should sebrand do not want covet: Want product of brand of choose and buy, because its havbrand to ensure,basically be, occurrence problem, can get very good after service, everybody must not try to savlittle but loslot, floor board of school resembling Europe is the better brand in floor of green environmental protection.
For domestic safety, everybody must choose wooden floor board carefully. Floor of wood of environmental protection of green of choose and buy is the safeguard of your family health.
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