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real wood how to the floor maintains
« on: September 20, 2017, 08:14:38 AM BST GMT »
Real wood floor wait characteristic environmental protection, naturally years this with its more and more welcome, as life character rise, install real wood floor to mankind of trend that decorates an industry necessarily, but real wood floor is caressed in detail of the need in use process with maintain. How does real wood floor maintain? National lustre floor comes to what introduce real wood floor board for everybody maintain below method!
1.24 hours of reoccupy after is installed
After laid of real wood floor ends, want to raise 24 hours at least rear can use, use floor board of influence real wood the effect otherwise. And unfavorable brush
with wet cloth or water, lest lose luster. If do not live folong time, must want to maintain indoor airiness, avoid floor to shift to an earlier date weather-shack with ageing. Cannot go up with plastic paper or newspaper lid, lest time is long exterior paint film is tacky, lose luster.

Nature is asked after 2. bubble water dry
If produce dip of bedding face seeper or bureau minister time to be immersed by water carelessly, will look so that see first bright wateuse dry cloth blot in time,
make nature of real wood floor dry next, avoid by all means uses electric heat drying or insolate below sunshine. Push-pull should not go up in the floor directly when mobile furniture, should raise move and put down gently. The furniture that often moves can fill rubber in its bottom.
3. wipe floor to want to choose smooth candle
The floor often should be wiped. But the dissolvent that when wiping, should avoid choosing part of spirituosity, gasoline. With neuter scour or special clear lotion and Wen Shui mix the floor, use next special brush cloth to wipe floor surface. Wipe with wet cloth first, reoccupy does the moisture of cloth blot surface, can reduce besmirch to be in of floor surface adherent, maintain floor to shine beautiful colour.
4. lets be far fro floor damply
Room humidity shoulds not be too big, because this meeting makes the floor becomes because of moisture, rise become warped, affect the exterior already, shorten
again service life. Do not brus floor with wet dishcloth. Be in rainy damp perhaps season, accomplish room as far as possible ventilated, do not pile the article with
overmuch buy on the floor. Retail floor board at ordinary times dry, bright and clean, daily cleanness is used twist dry cotton mop to wipe can. If encounter stubborn
besmirch, should use the reoccupy after neuter and clean dissolvent is wiped to twist dry cotton mop to wipe, do not use the organic dissolvent such as acerbity,
alkalescent solution or benzine to swab.
Floor of 5. real wood avoids sunshine illuminate
Real wood floor had better not accept sunshine illuminate directly, expose for long fall in intense sunlight, or the temperature inside the room rises what demote
causes cover of lacquer of real wood floor possibly quickly to shift to an earlier date weather-shack with ageing, answer to avoid as far as possible. When sunshine is point-blank, but the curtain on keep out perhaps is d1 to the window prevent bask in the vitreous film.
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