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Refractory clay mill
« on: September 19, 2017, 07:45:23 AM BST GMT »

With the development of China's infrastructure construction, China's powder industry is also developed, the demand for higher and higher, the fineness of industrial production, milling machine in the industrial field The application of more and more widely, domestic manufacturers are facing enormous opportunities, but the opportunities and great challenges, Ore Milling Equipment  innovation and innovation, we will be eliminated in the competition.

After the development of 20 years of development and evolution, and constantly upgrade the technology, production generation of grinding, HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill is my company has just developed a new mill of success, is a collection of technology, playing new, The use of environmental protection in one, its life than the old model, an increase of 4 times; widely used in iron ore, gold, cement, glass, ceramics, electricity, steel industry, broken materials.

In general, milling equipment Lei Meng grinding, ultra-fine milling machine, large-scale milling machine, high-pressure milling machine, coarse grinding mill and other mill; grinding machine is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mineral resources Mining and other areas of the main application of the grinding process; grinding, gold, energy, paper, cement and other operations grinding Mohs hardness 7, humidity less than 6%.

In order to effectively enhance the application of refractory clay, refractory clay grinding equipment put forward higher requirements. For refractory clay grinding we can use ore milling machine, such as refractory clay mill in the fire-resistant clay grinding process has a very good performance, HC pendulum series mill, R series mill, etc. Can be used for refractory clay grinding.