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toluene diisocyanate
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New Technology Molecular Distillation Technology and Green Coatings Polyurethane curing agents made from toluene diisocyanate as raw materials have been widely used in polyurethane coatings for their excellent performance. However, due to production technology and equipment capacity and other factors, in our country there is a long-standing problem can not be solved, that is, curing agent in the free TDI content is too options for floors around pool
This problem has been plagued by decades of China's paint industry, scientific and technological personnel. As the free TDI content is too high, in the construction of paint greatly affected the health of construction workers, there are many painters because of physical condition, had to leave the work in advance, and even more serious situation.panels for outdoor floors
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the decoration of the room more and more high-end luxury. Refining process requires a lot of paint, which is widely used polyurethane coatings. The polyurethane coating contains toxic solvents, especially the isocyanate monomer plans to build pavilion
For many of the technical staff in the coatings industry, molecular distillation technology is still a relatively unfamiliar technology, but the application of the technology in the coatings industry will greatly improve many of the traditional production process. Molecular distillation technology is by far the most humid distillation of human discovery technology, it is based on the molecular movement of the average free path to achieve the separation of substances to overcome the conventional distillation operation temperature is high, the short duration of heat can solve the conventional distillation can not solvecheapest plastic dustbin manufacturer