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The floor installing notes
« on: August 28, 2017, 05:06:45 AM BST GMT »
Wanting to perfect floor can not be so easy, so what does floor need to notice? Everybody introduction gives note obig floor below, everybody must notice when floor!
1, before the shop is installed, want sanatorium
No matter be real wood floor, aggrandizement floor or compound floor, main material is woodiness, woodiness material gets easily of climate affect and produce heat to bilge cold shrink. The floor is redemptive after the home, should put in new residence sitting room other perhaps and dry avoid smooth place arrives two days, make the water content of the floor and indoor water content are balanced each other, ability is helpful foshop installing.
2, the ground needs to maintain dry level
Before undertaking floor shop is installed, need to shift to an earlier datof week of grounds are dry degree, hold the ground as far as possible long-term and dry, avoid humidity exorbitant ensure even at the same time ground level, after floor shop is installed if the the earth's surface is rough appear very easily problem. After having make level to the ground, ability begins floor after the cement that must wait for new store is completely fully dry, lest Caus bacterium.
3, note adjustable rate
Lukewarm influence of woodiness material be deceived can happen bilge shrink, obligate of need of floor shop outfit goes out adjustable seam, after preventing floor shop to install because dry or weather is damp, happen be out of shape, the circumstance such as craze. Adjustable rate meets the floor of different brand differ somewhat, the shop install worker to be able to choose the installation division of manufacturer, do not want 1self to start work casually.
4, the floor is spread should rest
After floor shop outfit is finished, do not warhorse to go up above ambulate or so heavy thing, want to put apart 48 hours to rest to the floor, make floor glue cohere more sufficient, conduct floor spreading outfit effect.
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