Author Topic: New Punkapocalyptic faction: Black Blood Children  (Read 219 times)

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New Punkapocalyptic faction: Black Blood Children
« on: June 14, 2017, 07:47:21 PM BST GMT »
Well, it took more than expected but after an successful Kickstarter campaign and all pledges sent to the backers, the Black Blood Children is released to the general public. Fight alongside the most famous cult in the Scrapbridge area, a sect holding an oil well and refinery in perfect working order and worships petrol as an almost mystic force from their god Tex'co..

You can buy them directly from our webpage or our wholesaler if you happen to live in Spain.

In this first batch of releases you have:

The Black Blood Children Starter Pack (miniatures also sold individually):

A Spark with Bike and pistol, perfect as a reinforcement:

And some nasty Mongrelmorphs to add to the Mutards:

All these miniatures are made of the new high quality resin used by BigChild Creatives. In this vid from El Quinto Destino you can check their quality (only in Spanish, sorry).

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