Author Topic: problems moulding unusually shaped sculpture...  (Read 916 times)

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problems moulding unusually shaped sculpture...
« on: December 05, 2016, 08:44:11 PM GMT GMT »
Hello everybody,

I am new to this forum and am just about to make my first attempt at creating a mould and Silicon cast from a Wed Clay sculpture.
I am persuing the Shim method and have a couple of questions where that process is concerned in relation to the unusual shape of my sculpture.

Please follow this link to the image as the forum would not let me upload

The model is quite large. approx 50cm tall and 24cm across.

There are two tendrils (parts B & C) hanging off the model which I am considering making seperate moulds for and attaching later
as im worried thee will be complications if I do the whole thing as one cast.

My question is -

Do I need to separate these pieces?

And if the answer is yes - is it easy to reattach them to part A afterwards so they are seamless? the finished piece needs to look hyper real
so no seems can be visible.

Apologies for the bad terminology - I am new to using Silicon but all help/advice on this one greatly appreciated.