Author Topic: Procreate putty, has it changed again.  (Read 1610 times)

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Procreate putty, has it changed again.
« on: February 26, 2016, 07:15:39 PM GMT GMT »
I use procreate off and on, but was a bit peeved when the colour changed and had to go back to green stuff. When the colour went back to the lighter colour I bought some and using it recently it was ok.. But as a reserve I bought some newer putty, procreate in two sills rather than the square packets.
It seemed to be a lot harder and goes off very quickly.
I have to admit that I had it 8 months (kept in the freezer)before I used it, so I have just bought some fresher stuff and it still seems to be a more solid mix, difficult to spread. I don't dislike the harder mix, I am starting to modify my way of working with it.
It is just unsettling that every time I try procreate again it's changed, or is it just me.
I do get the impression that a number of pro sculptors are going back to green stuff. That is those that still use putty and not digital or polymer clay variations