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Mediterraneo - limited edition by aradia miniatures


Aradia Miniatures:
We are very happy to inaugurate this new year with a new series of miniatures: Mediterraneo.
Mediterraneo will be a series dedicated to the characters of the ancient mediterranean tradition, capturing the most interesting figures from myths and legends of this area - of course, with our touch of fantasy. Every release will be an unique limited edition.

We have chosen to inaugurate this new series with a character representing the entire series: for this reason, we decided to symbolize the archetype of the mediterranean sea in the figure of a triton, one of the many creatures that our latin ancestors had glimpsed into the mediterranean sea waves, the sea that has hosted the ships of Odysseus and Enea, and that has wet the lands where were born warriors, philosophers, inventors and mages.

The pre-order of Mediterraneo release # 1 is open on our webstore!
This limited edition is composed by 190 numbered copies. Just the first 30 preorders will be supplied with one special additional head.  The preorders will be shipped from January 18th.

Concept: Stefano MORONI
Sculptor: Joaquin PALACIOS.
Dimension: 75mm

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