Author Topic: FIMO professional - new name for classic & puppen  (Read 2272 times)

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FIMO professional - new name for classic & puppen
« on: June 27, 2014, 06:07:30 PM BST GMT »
I've just recently noticed that fimo classic and fimo puppen have been reformulated and lumped under the same new label: fimo professional.

Staedtler news item
Staedtler product page

Seems they're still kept a little apart, as fimo professional and fimo professional doll art. I'm not sure if there's much difference between them in handling or the cured state, apart from colours and apparent finish. (and the creepy doll face peering out of the wrapper)

Here are a couple of independent reviews:

EJR at the Polyclay Forum
Crafts by Chris, parts one and two

They seem to be a bit wary of it, though that could be the old 'change is bad' thing, and I don't think it sounds too bad meself. In fact, given the described properties - soft; not crumbly; easily kneaded; sticky; resistant to fingerprints and accidental marks; deforms or 'squishes' when cut; a bit fragile after baking at lower temps; stronger and flexible at higher temps - it sounds a lot like Uro to me. Sounds, that is. I still have to try and compare meself.
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Re: FIMO professional - new name for classic & puppen
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2014, 11:15:10 PM BST GMT »
That is interesting.
I still haven't did through my stash (2 packs of soft + 3 packs of classic), but I may experiment with new formula... eventually.