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a study in smile
« on: October 28, 2012, 07:58:23 AM GMT GMT »
a study in smile

i do work across a wide range of scales.  this is done in monster clay and its still WIP but its my first real try at trying to get a "real smile"  i looked into the anatomy of what is involved and what key factors show on the face to try and approximate it.  the face isn't after one person but i did use a few different women for different parts.  mostly i just let the sculpture flow then when back to refine it with images of real people to try and get it more realistic.  the base kind evolved into a stylised heart though its hard to get a picture of that

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Re: a study in smile
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2013, 04:07:45 PM GMT GMT »
Caught the feeling quite well I think. Specially the eyes are laughing even if you can't see the lower face. Nice!
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