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News And Announcements / Re: This website is dying a death.
« Last post by Ninja_Butler on October 01, 2014, 08:40:10 PM BST GMT »
Got to say I've noticed that about other forums too, but...yeah... I can't say I've been doing my bit in keeping activity going here, either!

I dunno. I can bluster and criticise on other forums all day long; but in this place, which I'm responsible for and where I feel I have to be a wee bit detached and 'magnanimous', I tend to clam up for fear of chasing off new members. I need to work on that too.

It's a puzzle. There must surely be people out there dabbling in a bit of green-stuffing, but I don't see them on any of the sculpting message-boards. It's not just here, it's everywhere. No new blood. I guess the first issue isn't so much one of attracting them to the website, but rather finding out where the heck they are at. D&D forums? Warhammer forums? Video gaming forums?
Finished Sculpts / Re: Gentleman Bat
« Last post by Vermis on October 01, 2014, 07:53:01 PM BST GMT »
Ta Bennett. Also, sorry, I think I missed out a t first time!

The putty is a mix of green stuff and apoxie sculpt. For bigger, rougher shapes in the earlier stages, I add maybe half apoxie sculpt or a bit more. As the details get smaller and finer in the later stages I use more green stuff, with just a bit of apoxie sculpt to 'loosen' the greenstuff for sculpting, and make it a tad easier to scrape or trim after hardening. For some particularly small additions or modifications, I might just use green stuff by itself. It's not an exact science, though!

The cape is based on a few tips from the old milliput site, only performed with GS and AS, obviously! They include rolling and folding the putty on a flat surface, 'floured' with talc to stop it sticking. (I can't remember if I used talc or something like vaseline for this one) This is apparently done to align the polymers and strengthen the putty when it's cured. Then the putty is allowed to cure to 'leather hardness', when it's resistant to fingerprints and dings but still malleable. It's cut, folded and curved to shape, and stuck to the sculpt.

This is the second draped cloak I've done, IIRC. That made the apoxie sculpt fairly necessary, 'cos I don't have much practise and it needed a bit of cleaning up afterwards. You can see the rough edges in the couple of steps after the cloak's attached. (cutting all those scallops out of the edge was tricky business too)
That's partly the reason I didn't cut, shape and drape the entire cloak too, and only stuck that initial part across the shoulders and along the arms. The other part of the reason is that at leather hardness and with a coating of talc, putty can be difficult to stick down, and needs a lot of surface and a lot of pressing. Any intricate detail I might've been able to put into the top of the cloak would be ruined. Not that I think I could put in intricate detail at this stage. I'm still some way behind the likes of Tre Manor for this kind of thing. (and most other kinds of things)

Anyway. After sticking it on (and keeping some of the loose folds in place, in a similar way to Jan K.) I cleaned up the edges, added the rest of the 'cloth' over the back and arms, bulked out the folds and nudged some of them to one side, added some minor folds, and filled in the gaps on the inside, between the cloak and the body/legs. In particular I filled in the large loop of the cloak around the figure's right leg, to make it easier to mould and cast. I'm not sure it was entirely necessary, but the guys were happy with it, so there we are.

The smaller cape and big collar didn't need to be suspended from or between anything, so they were just sculpted normally over the shoulders and neck.
Finished Sculpts / Re: Gentleman Bat
« Last post by bennett. on October 01, 2014, 04:08:53 PM BST GMT »
Thank you very much Vermis, I appreciate you posting WiP pictures a lot! It is very helpful and has inspired me to do something now...

The work looks very nice, I like that it gives the painter enough freedom without being undetailed. Especially the belt is nicely done. The cloak is impressive in my opinion, could you give me some advice on how you did it? That would be lovely, thank you very much!

I am looking forward to more pictures!

Best wishes,

P.S.: What putty do you use? Is it Uro?
Finished Sculpts / Gentleman Bat
« Last post by Vermis on October 01, 2014, 12:12:54 PM BST GMT »
This is a private commission from a group of guys on the Lead Adventure Forum. Some of you might've seen it before, some time ago, in which case I can only apologise for taking so long to post it here!

The basic concept is a Victorian/Pulp version of a certain popular comics character, scaled to fit with Empire of the Dead miniatures. Given Bennet's desire, in another part of the forum, to see more WIPs, I thought I'd post a whole stack of them here. I was also (and still am) getting the hang of the big camera on me new Nokia Lumia 1020 for later pics, so some of them are a bit wonky. Not too bad for a mobile camera though, eh?

Work continues apace on his arch-nemesis...
Works in Progress / Re: bennett's WiP
« Last post by Vermis on October 01, 2014, 11:40:37 AM BST GMT »
Certainly better than my first go on sculptris!

On the first sculpt in this topic: nice work, though careful with the pecs. Huge pecs and ultrawide shoulders are alright if you're going for a superhero/Bruce Timm look, but I think it's too easy for beginner artists to view them as the norm, these days.
Works in Progress / Re: Giant's head sketch
« Last post by Vermis on October 01, 2014, 11:32:23 AM BST GMT »
Great expression. Almost frightening how well you can sculpt these days, Andy. Though I guess going gangbusters at it for 10+ years will do that to a fella.
Finished Sculpts / Re: Victor's Miniatures
« Last post by Vermis on October 01, 2014, 11:29:44 AM BST GMT »
Hello Victor!

Very, very nice work. I don't know what else to say. I don't know if there is anything else to say! Excellent stuff.

Although... any pics of the prints or the casts? It's a bit difficult to judge them as actual miniatures, otherwise.
Finished Sculpts / Re: Frothers sculpting competition submission - criticism appreciated
« Last post by Vermis on October 01, 2014, 11:26:44 AM BST GMT »
A couple of nice concepts and influences there, and I like some areas of the execution too, particularly the robot servant and the first figure's boots.

Crits, however. I appreciate the diverse spaceport setting and the fact these plutocrats might be non-human species, but it's not explicitly stated or shown, and the first thing that jumps out are the strange proportions: tall and very skinny, and wide and large-headed. Taken together they look fairly disparate.

As said, I like some details, but others not so much. There seems to be a bit of inexperience and hesitation in cloth textures and folds, but the faces need even more attention than that, IMO. Looks like you know your basic proportions (eyeline etc.) but other features and overall structure still need a bit of practise. Things like the bony landmarks - brow, cheekbones, chin - and how muscles, fat and flesh drape over and around them.
And yeah... I think the eyes and mouth as basic round holes needs to be looked at too. ;) But I'm sure it'll all come quickly to you.
Finished Sculpts / Re: Chimera
« Last post by Vermis on October 01, 2014, 11:05:58 AM BST GMT »
Ambitious, and I like some of the textures you've put in there (nice touch with the flame piece, too), but I think it needs a little more attention to the structure and pose. On the structure, the hind legs in particular look problematic, and the fairly short necks. On the pose, the way the wings drape kinda hide a lot of the sculpt.
Finished Sculpts / Re: 15mm(1/100) scale scifi stuff
« Last post by Vermis on October 01, 2014, 11:00:51 AM BST GMT »
Blimey, that's impressive, especially with no armatures.

If I could drag up on crit, it would be to sharpen edges just a wee bit. But it's a very minor crit.
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