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Works in Progress / Re: Odd's WIP: Reboot, sculpting robots and creating a game!
« Last post by Oddity on March 31, 2015, 02:14:10 PM BST GMT »
Don't know why I bother to keep posting here since there is not activity whatsoever but...  Small update on the gun arm bot!

Finished Sculpts / Re: Sculpts. 28mm.
« Last post by Oddity on March 30, 2015, 08:28:53 PM BST GMT »
How could I miss this thread! Packed full of character, very well done!!!
Finished Sculpts / Re: Sculpts. 28mm.
« Last post by just28mm on March 28, 2015, 03:05:51 PM GMT GMT »
Those Rusks looks great!
Miniature News / Re: Willy Miniature's Chaos Dwarf Team
« Last post by Sergus on March 28, 2015, 08:07:40 AM GMT GMT »
The Hobgoblins:

Works in Progress / Re: Odd's WIP: Reboot, sculpting robots and creating a game!
« Last post by Oddity on March 27, 2015, 11:03:29 AM GMT GMT »
Pretty big update! :)

I baked the sculpts as I was constantly damaging them due to my clumsy fat fingers! The cool thing about the URO/Super Sculpey combination is that you can add fresh putty onto the cured sculpt very easily. I was kinda scared putting my sculpts in the oven as I had never done that before! I tried it first with an old discarded project and quickly got the hang of it. A lot thanks to Andrew May's tips and descriptions! :D

Here's some more work on Bot1.

And here's a lot of progress on robot 2.

And a new one, the beginnings of the third bot. Why is he mounted on a stick? Well because he will be a floating little bot, that's why! :)

And that's it! Well, not really! :P While baking the others I had some time to kill and this one rolled out very fast somehow! He will be sporting a gun arm and I posed him with a duelist in mind as inspiration.

Works in Progress / Re: Fantasy miniatures
« Last post by KJoelN on March 25, 2015, 11:18:21 AM GMT GMT »
Here are some more sculpts that I have cast this week. The warrior is two part where I cast the weapon in one mold and the warrior in one.

Works in Progress / Re: Odd's WIP: Reboot, sculpting robots and creating a game!
« Last post by Oddity on March 21, 2015, 01:24:04 PM GMT GMT »
Someone on another forum asked me what I intend to do with them. While at first it was just about having fun, these guys are so cool to work on I've had an idea brewing in my mind! Time to let the cat out of the bag I guess!!!

Since starting on the first robot sculpt my imagination has been running wild! Idea after idea started popping up in my head and soon I knew what I wanted to do! I am calling it...


The short of it is that earth, in some distant future, has been mostly abandoned by humans. Most of earth's resources supposedly spent and it's surface wracked by war and natural disasters they have left for the stars. Not able to take everything with them they have left behind many things. Goods, vehicles and many a kind of deactivated robots left to itheir own. Sometimes well stored and sometimes left to rot. Skip a few decennia/centuries, a world in decay and yet slowly miraculousy healing itself. A strange phenomenom is occuring and every now and then a dormant laying robot is being awakened almost as if its former owners have returned and simply switched them back on. It's internal programs and directory rebooting and its powersource replenished and brimming with energy. No longer being mere automatons however, something has changed. No more mere cold calculating machines incapable of feeling and lacking emotions. It was almost as if they had gained something like a soul, causing some of  them to experience 'feelings' such as empathy and giving but also hatred and the craving of power. A mix of emotions almost akin to to those which their former masters have felt. They have evolved, rising above their original programming and capabilities and their self awareness making them each an unique individual.

These Awakened start out as nomads. Venturing out into the unkown and discovering a dangerous world in search of materials they need to survive (think of replenishing their batteries, repairing damaged parts, etc) and others of their kind to band together with, living up to the 'old strength in numbers' in order to survive. The reason I am giving them clothes and such is to give them a bit of a unique feeling making them even closer to humans for example. Scavengers who use everything they find to protect them against any other who might want to cause them harm (or to cause harm to others!) and against the elements.

I think it would be ideal as a skirmish game with small groups of robots acting out all sorts of scenarios. Battling each other over grounds, searching for materials, locate and add a new found Awakened to the group, etc, etc... The group would exist out of whatever robot you fancy putting in there with different classes and types being available. (small, medium, heavy, etc) Mix in other 'human' elements such as good, neutral & evil and  others and I think it might make a fun  and interesting game/background.

If it's rubbish just say so! :P
Miniature News / Goblin King - Aradia news!
« Last post by Aradia Miniatures on March 20, 2015, 02:15:24 PM GMT GMT »
Hello mates!
The Aradia release of March is out now!

You can find the product here:

Concept: Stefano MORONI
Sculptor: Antonio PIQUI
Painter: IGUAZZU
Dimension: 54mm
High quality resin kit

Here you can read a short story about this figure

*  *   * *   * *   * *   *  *   * *  *  *   * *   * *   * *   *  *   * *  *  *   * *   * *   * *   *  *   * *

We are also glad to announce that after the assault to Yarish the northern barbarian during Christmas time, we have restocked her. If you have missed her, don’t lose this new chance!!


 *  *   * *   * *   * *   *  *   * *  *  *   * *   * *   * *   *  *   * *  *  *   * *   * *   * *   *  *   * *
Finished Sculpts / Re: Sculpts. 28mm.
« Last post by KJoelN on March 19, 2015, 06:20:42 PM GMT GMT »
Beautiful sculpts! A lot of character.
Works in Progress / Re: Odd's WIP (update 19-3, another bot!
« Last post by Oddity on March 19, 2015, 04:40:14 PM GMT GMT »
I started another robot. The Little one is coming along nicely too but I felt the needd to start on some more! ;)

The robe part and the engine on his back are as good as done I think, just some more smoothing and touching up. what do you guys think, shall i add some holes here and there to make the robe more worn and aged?

I have placed a makeshift hood and arms to show what I have in mind. He's holding some sort of floaring sphere and his head will be  featureless, oval mirror/glass like which will hopefully turn out really sinister in combination with his hood!


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