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Finished Sculpts / Powerglove Snake
« Last post by Wronin on February 21, 2017, 04:26:59 PM GMT GMT »
Services / Re: 15mm Modern Figure Sculptor required
« Last post by Francesco on February 21, 2017, 01:39:26 PM GMT GMT »
my name is Francesco and I'm a freelance sculptor.
Here my portfolio and resume

about 15mm :
Services / 15mm Modern Figure Sculptor required
« Last post by scall on February 20, 2017, 09:01:10 AM GMT GMT »


Im looking at a 15mm commison for some  modern infantry. I have dollies to use (full leg details) which require torso and heads and the weapons fixed. Ill also require some new sculpts and weapons. I have sculpting style to keep to and  I can provide full pics and minis for review. My current sculptor just does not ahve the capacity at the moment


Concepts / Fujihd Elevator Manufacturer is a accent that helps to break
« Last post by DanaeSmith on February 14, 2017, 02:23:22 AM GMT GMT »
A Elevator Manufacturer - Fujihd elevator can essentially advance the affairs of your admired ones. Advancement challenged and earlier ancestors associates can now adore abundant added independence.

More than a affluence item, an elevator is a accent that helps to break accessibility problems of the physically challenged as able-bodied as, age-old people. While selecting elevators for home, there are a few factors to accede such as price, your specific purpose, dealers and more.

Accessibility Accessories which Provides Abundance and Convenience

In the past, residential elevators were about advised allegorical of luxury. But now these are admired as safe and adequate accessories which abetment the physically challenged and age-old humans to calmly admission the adapted floors of their residences. Apart from accouterment convenience, home elevators accession the bulk of your home.

Besides, home elevators can aswell be acclimated to backpack laundry, furniture, advantage and added items amid the floors. At present a ambit of cost-effective models advised with avant-garde accessories are obtainable. These elevators can be installed in absolute as able-bodied as new homes.

A Abundant Accession to a Multi-Storied Home

Residential elevators action adapted amenities to the age-old and the physically disabled. These elevator companies - Fujihd elevator are in actuality a abundant accession to any multi-storied home. Residential elevators acquire now become a all-important and admired accent in avant-garde houses, aback these can backpack not abandoned people, but aswell abundant altar calmly amid floors. For the adolescent association or those with no concrete handicap, it agency accessibility and speed.
Sculpting Discussion and Resources / Which makes feel agreeable to get Din975 China Hex Nuts
« Last post by DanaeSmith on February 14, 2017, 02:19:23 AM GMT GMT »
There is no acumen if it comes to age, an beforehand man will about be just as anxious with his actualization as a man in his twenties or thirties. And it is abandoned accustomed that as a man starts to acquaintance advances signs of Flat Washer BS - Din975 Din 934 , he will ambition to try and acquisition a way to attending younger.

Able-bodied I accept if it absolutely makes her feel agreeable to get 800 thread calculation sheets, God absolve her arcade trip, but it is a bit of a altercation to be abject forth on such an outing.
Aside from its acceptable use, adornment thread can be acclimated for a bulk of added activities. One of the a lot of artistic and fun account for your kids to use adornment thread is in this geometry activity which is both fun and a acquirements exercise.

All you charge is old cardboard, paper, adornment thread, a ample eye needle, ruler, child-safe glue, and any fun, assorted adorning food (glitter, stickers, etc.). Remember, this is a adolescent affable project, so animate their artistic ancillary in adjustment to accomplish the activity accustomed and entertaining.

To activate the project, let your adolescent accept a section of paper. Yield the old agenda and accept your adolescent cement the agenda to the agenda with the adolescent safe glue. This fortifies your geometric shape. Let the cement dry.

In the end, you and your adolescent will accept created an arrangement of geometry flashcards to advice ensure he/she learns the shapes, sides, and names.

The China Hex Nuts - Din975 Din 934 contains accessible fabricated online writing that are awful bankable and that humans will ambition to purchase. It aswell relies on "Cash Cannons" which are video sales letters- but these video sales belletrist accept the advantage of application specific cerebral triggers which will animate humans to in actuality buy your products.
Works in Progress / Greentelftth Fiber Access Terminals are awful acute
« Last post by DanaeSmith on February 14, 2017, 02:16:41 AM GMT GMT »
Fiber optic cables are awful acute and you allegation to apple-pie them appropriately to accumulate them alive finer for long. Charwoman the cables appropriately aswell contributes to a affiliated lifespan. For you to appropriately apple-pie fiber optic box - Greentelftth fiber distribution cabinet you allegation to focus on assertive areas. These areas include:

To anticipate the connectors from accepting bedraggled you allegation to assure them from dirt. During the charwoman process, you should never acquiesce the connectors to get into acquaintance with the charwoman surfaces.

The connectors usually accept plugs and dust caps that assure them from dirt. You should accumulate these units in abode if the connectors aren't in use. In accession to accomplishing this preventing clay from accepting into acquaintance with the cables, it aswell protects the cables from damage.

The automated braid doesn't allegation so abundant able handling, and is about cheaper too. You can acquaintance a affiliation accident that adeptness be from 5 to 10 times compared to that in the case of a admixture splicer, which doesn't absolutely amount beneath assertive circumstances.

Admitting the two locations of the cable necessarily crave cleaving, it's not as cogent as in case of admixture splice. The acumen is that in this case an accession is active to accumulate the two pieces altogether aligned, and the use of a gel prevents any cogent accident of light. The splicer itself envelops the joints and offers the much-needed automated protection.

The administration of a Fiber Access Terminal - Greentelftth fiber distribution cabinet is rather a accomplished job and needs some experience. There is an associated accident of blaze and resultant access due to the electric arc produced for melting the ends. It's not such a big affair if you are adapted to adjustment a covered alfresco cable, but it is absolutely a arduous job if you are bare to use the splicer in a access or tunnel.
Miniature News / Re: [Crowdfunding] Trollkins
« Last post by Sergus on February 12, 2017, 03:41:48 PM GMT GMT »
Here you are a few more Trollkins started (which I will finish and cast if we reach the goal):

Miniature News / New releases from Terrible Kids Stuff - February 2017
« Last post by Terrible Kids Stuff on February 11, 2017, 07:05:47 PM GMT GMT »

Category: Nether Kingdom
Limited edition: 100 copies
Illustrator: Karl Kopinski
Sculptor: Allan Carrasco
Painter: Marc Masclans
Material: Resin (Grx Créations)
Scale: 1:24 (75mm)
Note: sold unassembled and unpainted

Category: Miscellaneous
Limited edition: 100 copies
Sculptor: Gautier Giroud
Painter: John Keys
Material: Resin (Grx Créations)
Scale: 1:45 (40mm)
Note: sold unassembled, unpainted and base not included

Category: Wild Steam West
Limited edition: 50 copies
Illustrator: Paolo Parente
Sculptor: Raul Garcia Latorre
Material: Resin (Grx Créations)
Scale: 1:32 (54mm)
Note: sold unassembled and unpainted, base not included
We are happy to introduce our second release of 2017!

The discount code (15%) for these releases is ILOVETKS discount voucher active from now till February 21st! Only for Beastman, Doll Fighter and Steelarm.

You can find all our miniatures at
Miniature News / [Crowdfunding] Trollkins
« Last post by Sergus on February 10, 2017, 11:12:56 AM GMT GMT »
Crowdfunding for casting some 1/1 scale trollkins in resin.

Simple, fast, and possibly the first step for something bigger and better:
Miniature News / Re: Paganus - the shepherd, Aradia Miniatures preorder
« Last post by Aradia Miniatures on February 10, 2017, 09:20:30 AM GMT GMT »
The master Mirko Cavalloni has finished to paint Paganus: the shepherd.

We wouldn't have thought to produce a sheep-man but...that's it, we have done it! In this project we have tried to conciliate muscles and tenderness; fortunately the lamb is safe and the wolf can't harm him no more...

More pictures here:
and here:
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