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Miniature News / Re: Terrible Kids Stuff - Red Ace
« Last post by Thantos on July 19, 2014, 10:06:29 AM BST GMT »
Looks nice, but i think somewhere between the concept > sculpt stage, the face got a little lost in translation. Its the eyes i think, she is the subject to a OTT facelift.

Look forward to seeing the next one. maybe post up some WIPs here for C+C?
Nice paintjob though :D
News And Announcements / Re: The forum is back baby!
« Last post by Ninja_Butler on July 18, 2014, 10:16:54 PM BST GMT »
I don't really use Mini Sculpture much, but damn it's annoying when it goes down, I like to check up once or twice a day for new posts. there's Frothers - I think you're on there Vermis - but often there is less activity in the Frothers sculpting board than on here.
Miniature News / Terrible Kids Stuff - Red Ace
« Last post by Sergeant BlackArt on July 18, 2014, 03:52:28 PM BST GMT »
We are pleased to introduce you our last release, a really special project born in collaboration with Paolo Parente's Dust. Well, it began with an e-mail from Paolo who shared with me the first sketch of two sexy ladies and I fell in love with them, a few e-mail later the new collaboration was ready to start. We decided to begin with Lieutenant Eva Koroutchenko "Red Ace", since she is terrific!!! As soon as I showed the concept to Pedro he fell in love too and now we are ready to show you how it turns out.

We decided to release it now since we would like to celebrate the incredible result of Dust Studio's Kickstarter, its name is "Dust: Operation Babylon" and they rise $469,313 with 1,475 backers, you can find every information at this link

There's a special surprise too, since Sergeant BlackArt is a backer of the project, we pledged a **** TASKFORCE COMMANDER **** and when Red Ace will be SOLD OUT we will draw a number from 1 to 120 and the owner of that numbered copy will recive the pledge as free prize: Operation Babylon campaign book, including printed playing mats and terrain, plus SSU Army Deal, including stretch goal upgrades.

By the way, as we wrote some months ago, this is the first release that we're going to sell in both kind of cast, so you'll be able to chose your favorite one. The miniature is a limited edition of 120 numbered copies and we have: 40 white metal and 80 resin (the helmet is in white metal).

“Red Ace”
Limited edition: 120 copies (40 white metal and 80 resin)
Code: PPDB01WM & PPDB01R
Category: Paolo Parente's Dust Babes
Concept: Paolo Parente
Sculptor: Pedro Fernández Ramos
Painter: Fabrizio Russo
Material: white metal or resin
Pieces: 9
Weight: 100gr or 20gr
Size: 75
Scale: 1:24
Note: sold unassembled and unpainted

If you like to see more pictures of the boxart you can find them at

If you like to buy Red Ace, just follow this link to our online store

Competitions and Group Activities / Re: Frothers Sculpting Competition 2014
« Last post by Ninja_Butler on July 18, 2014, 03:23:30 PM BST GMT »
I wonder when the next one will be? Probably a year off I guess.
News And Announcements / Re: The forum is back baby!
« Last post by Vermis on July 18, 2014, 01:16:49 PM BST GMT »
ok  happen ? what  cose it to go boom ?

The fact it was tuesday, probably.

I know I'm not the most attentive or tech-savvy admin that ever existed, but I'm getting a little tired of SMF grinding to a halt for daft, mysterious little reasons. I need to sort the former problem (I still have Justin's designs lying fallow in my hard drive. And smilies. I want smilies back.) but I'm thinking of sorting the latter with something like phpBB, or even paying out for vBulletin.
Personal Logs / Re: What's on my desk WIP's.
« Last post by Ninja_Butler on July 17, 2014, 05:47:56 PM BST GMT »
Gyah! More good news/bad news. I've just this hour figured out I can get a much more correctly shaped female armature, but I have to bend them all at the hip so they are bowing outward.. I'll post a picture some time to explain. Damn, it's a sudden big improvement but all my armatures were WRONG.
Personal Logs / Re: What's on my desk WIP's.
« Last post by Ninja_Butler on July 17, 2014, 02:25:01 PM BST GMT »
My armatures - WIPs. Three miniatures in front to display scale; the second one is "Cersei Lannister", it's an amazing fine-detail sculpt.

This is the one I'm concentrating on:

For some unknown reason, I am unable to make the head look upward. I have re-made the head at least 10 times but still I cannot get the position right; always he is looking down.Maybe I'll start again but I think I should accept it with it's flaws and complete it, or it will never be completed. The face is almost done, it just needs one more layer.
Personal Logs / Re: What's on my desk WIP's.
« Last post by Ninja_Butler on July 17, 2014, 01:44:48 PM BST GMT »
All I have is 10% started armatures, but I'll upload a picture later. :-)
A good tip I can offer, if you want to achieve accurate scale is to compare your work to a professional sculpted miniature. I currently use this one for comparison:

It's a 1995 Warhammer Wood Elf. These days a 1995 miniature is considered unsophisticated, but wow, it is VERY hard to achieve such a level of precise detail. The face.. the face is so small. Tiny, tiny, detail. When I first began learning to sculpt, I sculpted heads x3 or x4 bigger - far too big.
Introductions / Re: Enough with the lurking!
« Last post by Ninja_Butler on July 17, 2014, 01:35:58 PM BST GMT »
Care to point me to a thread or a gallery with some of your work? :)

Sure thing, here it is:

Yup. I am a slow, slow, slow learner. What I do have is a few WIP armatures and a big pile of abandoned ones, most of which I threw away last week.
News And Announcements / Re: The forum is back baby!
« Last post by Revliss on July 17, 2014, 10:22:15 AM BST GMT »
ok  happen ? what  cose it to go boom ?
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