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No, sry, no wip pics taken.

But I have another project in the pipeline waiting to be revealed (no Dwarf this time) where I will be showing lots of wip pictures, so stay tuned for more news on my blog...^^
Tools and Materials / Re: Some questions regarding FIMO Professional
« Last post by PBartholdy on Today at 10:13:57 AM »
Hi Jona,

first and foremost, I would never use water as a lubricant. Not for polymer clays and not for epoxies (green stuff). You need a regular lubricant which will work for both types of clay/putty. You can use food oil, or vaseline. I use vaseline.

A lot of polymers tend to set - become slightly harder - when you don't work them for a while. I haven't used FIMO but I know it is the case for that. The same goes for most other polymers. I see it as an advantage though, as it makes it better to make fine details, as the putty is more resistant to the tools.

For the time being I use a combination of two parts Beesputty plastic, two parts sculpey firm, and one part URO. This gives a very soft putty when you've worked it for a while, but when it sets, it sets rather tough. This provides a good base for working on details. When it is baked it becomes very durable too and can be sanded and carved. The beesputty gives flexibility and is sticky enough that you don't have to use green stuff to stick the putty to the armature. The URO becomes very hard when baked and provides durability, and the sculpey firm makes it good for sharp details.

I hope you can find some use of my answer :)
Tools and Materials / Some questions regarding FIMO Professional
« Last post by Jona on Today at 07:50:33 AM »
As can be seen in the Finished Sculpts section, I recently sculpted two models for the Frothers sculpting competition. It was my first attempt at working with a polymer clay (FIMO Professional), and there's a few things I'd like to know. I made the mistake to use water to keep my tools from sticking, as I do for epoxies. I've since read that's not a good idea on polymers, and I should use oils. Is there any specific kind of oil that works best, or can you basically use whatever you have (as in: olive oil, or something like that). I'm also wondering whether fresh material will stick to old (unbaked or baked), if this is greasy. An issue I had now was the surface of the clay becoming a little grainy when working on it. I assume that's the water?
And a final question for now: even when not baking, the clay hardens a little. You can still work on it, but because it's not as soft as when you kneaded it after taking it from the package, it sometimes ripped, or behaved more elastically (not taking shape as well). Is there any way around this, or is it characteristic for FIMO (and is there another clay which does not suffer from this)?

Miniature News / Re: RuneCast-Miniatures: New Dwarfs available soon (Update 15.01.2014)
« Last post by bennett. on July 30, 2014, 02:58:58 PM BST GMT »
Hi Gregor,

normally I check out your blog quite regular but somehow I missed the two new ones. Very lovely miniatures, like the rest of your line! I really like the character every of them has!

Do you have some WiP shots of them? I am always very interested in seeing professional artist's steps.

Miniature News / Re: RuneCast-Miniatures: New Dwarfs available soon (Update 15.01.2014)
« Last post by RuneCast on July 29, 2014, 07:36:57 PM BST GMT »
Hi there.

I hope it is good news when I announce that I have some new Dwarfs to share.
These three are already available at PK-PRO like the rest of my line:

Then I can share with you two more yet unreproduced sculpts.

While the first features a more aggressive stance the second one keeps more of a relaxed pose enjoying a lusty in-between meal before the Orc-bashing continues.

For more pictures and information check out these links:

That leaves me having to sculpt one more Swordplayer in order to reach my goal of 6 troopers for this unit and being able to fill the next mould with enough miniatures.

Unfortunately this means that it will take some more time before I can offer these for purchase.  :(


Competitions and Group Activities / Re: Frothers Sculpting Competition 2014
« Last post by Ninja_Butler on July 26, 2014, 07:46:48 PM BST GMT »
I think I'm almost up to a standard where I can complete a sculpt, so I am looking forward to the next competition. The 2014 Froth Eisley one I thought was best to sit-out because I wasn't up to a good enough standard.
Finished Sculpts / Frothers sculpting competition submission - criticism appreciated
« Last post by Jona on July 26, 2014, 03:40:42 PM BST GMT »
This is the my last sculpting project (sculpts nr. 4 and 5), started after my Oyster Diver. They were sculpted as a submission for the Frothers sculpting contest (themed: Froth Eisley spaceport), last month. There's still a lot to be improved on, but I had to stop for the deadline. As expected, they didn't exactly manage to compete with the outstanding other entries, but I'm still glad to have taken part; I think I've learnt quite a few things again, and I hope your criticism will point me towards new challenges. It was also my first experiment with polymer clay (FIMO Professional in this case), and I'm really enjoying the medium so far. Below is a very short note of the project backgound that I sent with my pictures. They're pretty much exactly 28mm to the eyes.
Time to put these away in my little box of finished practice sculpts I probably won't ever paint, and move on to my sixth sculpt.

The Froth Eisley Plutocrats
The spaceport of Froth Eisley is governed by only one law: profit. During the last decades, the reign of money has become supreme, and control of the cashflows equals power. The elite few who are now known as the plutocrats were the first to capitalise on this, and have since only consolidated their position. Originating from all over society, from highborn nobles over savvy artisans to the exceedingly violent scum that roams the streets of Froth Eisley, they have but one thing in common: vast amounts of money. And of course their love for bubblegum.
My submission is (the start of) a series of models, built around the title 'Plutocracy'. It consists of two plutocrats, provisorily called 'The Merchant King' and 'The Pirate Queen', and a modular robotic servant fulfilling the role of a chair, a waiter, and a bubblegum machine. I opted for an aesthetic in which futuristic technology is not omnipresent. In the plutocrats' Froth Eisley, technology is merely  the functional foundation which sustains their eitist microcosm of opulence and taste. The plutocrats themselves are stylistically diverse to account for their varied background, but in general they probably draw quite a bit from medieval Italy and its merchant states (or at least the stereotypical image one with a severe lack of historical knowledge, such as the author, may have). To avoid any contact with the plebs, they are served by small robots with interchangeable functions; a standard base with variable 'hats' and programming.


Size shot: 1

The little robot: 1, 2, 3

Thanks for looking, and don't hesitate to be harsh in your criticism.
Competitions and Group Activities / Re: Frothers Sculpting Competition 2014
« Last post by Jona on July 26, 2014, 08:44:24 AM BST GMT »
I don't think there's a set frequency. The previous one was quite a while ago I believe (wasn't around yet, then).
If I'm not mistaken they use the sales to fund the forum upkeep, so as soon as they're starting to run out of money, they organise a new one.
I hope it's as soon as next year though; I really enjoyed it.
Miniature News / Re: Terrible Kids Stuff - Red Ace
« Last post by Thantos on July 19, 2014, 10:06:29 AM BST GMT »
Looks nice, but i think somewhere between the concept > sculpt stage, the face got a little lost in translation. Its the eyes i think, she is the subject to a OTT facelift.

Look forward to seeing the next one. maybe post up some WIPs here for C+C?
Nice paintjob though :D
News And Announcements / Re: The forum is back baby!
« Last post by Ninja_Butler on July 18, 2014, 10:16:54 PM BST GMT »
I don't really use Mini Sculpture much, but damn it's annoying when it goes down, I like to check up once or twice a day for new posts. there's Frothers - I think you're on there Vermis - but often there is less activity in the Frothers sculpting board than on here.
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