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Miniature News / Re: Interdimensional Bestiary "minikicker" preview.
« Last post by Andrew May on September 18, 2014, 02:56:47 PM BST GMT »
Excuse the long post but I'd just like to post some info and rules tasters for the uninitiated.

What is Steam & Aether.

Steam & Aether is a rule set and game setting that I developed with the assistance of Mark Latham last year during and following my successful Staempunk army KS campaign. Rules are downloadable here:

Backstory starts here:

The beast!

After the Aetheric catastrophe, much of Western Europe was permeated with cosmic emanations, transdimensional elements and particles were strewn about the land, wreaking chaos everywhere. While the Consulate's portals remained open, stranger things still crawled, strode, slithered and floated through into our dimension. With the Low Countries and Northern France falling into the sea at worst, and flooded at best, many loathsome things made their home there. Most often encountered by interlopers into the Wasteland is an insatiably ravenous tentacled hulk, officially dubbed Aequatherium Magnus by British scientific expeditions although it is known by many colloquial names by footsloggers on both sides of the cataclysm. Aequatherium Magnus, or the so-called ‘ditch prince’ or Prussian ‘Flutfresser’ is a towering acreage of preternaturally resilient hide, a simulacrum of the any mariner’s worst nightmares made flesh. The tentacled entity is amphibious and regularly hauls itself onto dry land, making ingress into the continent, seeking dark ruins and damp basements to aid its terrible fecundity. Aequatherium Magnus is a being best avoided, being able to shrug off huge amounts of damage, its wounds sometimes re-knitting in mere moments while it consumes its attackers with its huge, cruel mandibles. While the beast itself is a nigh-unstoppable brute, a hefty price could be fetched for captured eggs and subdued whelps, which of course present their own dangers!

from whence it came....

As expeditions into post-catastrophe France increased in frequency, so too did the discovery of bizarre and monstrous forms of life inhabiting the Aetheric wasteland. Whether these creatures are divergent mutant strains of life corrupted by the Aether explosion, or are not of this world at all, remains to be seen. The Prussian science ministry and British Royal Society demanded military missions into the wasteland carry out research and bring back samples, both mineral and biological.

The Prussian Guildmasters and British regimental commanders were initially reticent to endanger their men by subduing some of the more ferocious beasts of the Wasteland, but as soon they saw the rewards offered by the authorities, they danced to a different tune. To bring back biological material for study is one thing, but the true prize lies in capturing living specimens. The practise of smuggling such dangerous creatures into uncontaminated lands is a point of contention in Britain, and strictly verboten in Prussia – and yet this does not stop the military, privateers and mercenary regiments from ignoring the sanctions in order to line their pockets. Many specimens, it is rumoured, do not end up in the hands of science ministries or Royal societies at all, but are instead delivered to wealthy individuals for private collections or diabolical research, or even to insane gourmands who crave the forbidden meat of potentially alien beasts.

  Of course, to seek such beasts is one thing, but in the unpredictable Wasteland, capturing them is quite another. Many soldiers and collectors have lost their lives in the pursuit of these terrifying monsters, but their high demand and sky-rocketing value ensures that there are always others willing to risk life and limb for the sake of the hunt.

New special rules for Steam & Aether.

Monsters often use one or more of the following special rules:

 Act on Instinct: A model with this special rule must move towards the closest human model each round. It can adjust its course if it would be forced to end its movement in the open – a monster may always strive to reach cover, as long as it ends its move closer to the target model than it started. A model Acting on Instinct will always Engage an enemy if it is able to do so.

Aquatic: An aquatic model may move at double its normal speed in water terrain (lakes, rivers, streams, marshes, etc).

 Fearsome: Enemies wishing to Engage this model/element must first pass a Qtest or remain stationary. Their Engage Action is still expended.

 Mass: Mass is a measure of a model’s size, physical power and toughness. A lowly human has a Mass of 1 meaning he will perish after only one successful wound whereas a towering dimensional horror or clanking mechanical construct might have a Mass of anything up to 20. Every time a model is successfully hit, it will lose one Mass point until it is reduced to zero, at which point it is removed from play. In addition, a creature with a high Mass may make a number of strikes in combat equal to its current Mass points – so a creature with a Mass of 10, for example, may attack 10 times in melee.

 Regenerate: A model or element with the Regenerate special rule has the ability to recover lost Mass points (for single figures) or recover lost casualties (for an element). For every Mass point lost or casualty sustained in the previous round, take a Qtest. Each successful test restores a Mass/casualty to the model/element. This rule can be used if the element/figure is reduced to zero Mass in the previous round, but in this instance the model is permanently removed from play if the test is failed.

Rules for the creatures.

Aequatherium Magnus Q8 Mass 15 Act on Instinct, Aquatic, Fearsome, Regenerate. NB. The Aequatherium Magnus is a large model, which forms an element all on its own.

Aequatherium Spawn Q4 Act on Instinct, Aquatic NB. Aequatherium spawn form swarms, usually of 5-20 models, which are treated as elements just like human troop elements.

 Egg Cluster Q4 Mass 5 Immobile: Egg Clusters are in effect scenery pieces, which can be attacked as though they were large models. They may not perform any actions except Engage. When they are able to Engage a foe, the Egg Cluster model is removed, and is replaced with a swarm of Aequatherium spawn, which then completes the Engage action and thereafter behaves as a normal Element.

If youre interested in Steam & Aether and want to contribute to  the latest campaign then please head over to the KS page.
Many thanks

Miniature News / Re: Interdimensional Bestiary "minikicker" preview.
« Last post by Andrew May on September 17, 2014, 06:57:29 PM BST GMT »
Hi guys, we're steadily gaining more backers, £100 more and the casualty add ons will become viable and unlocked!

Now it's time to share some figures that I've been working on today.

Deep see divers!

 This will be a group of one-off conversions based on my first KS steampunk soldiers. All will have diving helms and harpoon guns. I'm speaking with my casters on the viability of putting them in just a master mould that will be scrapped after the campaign and will base the cost and "unlock" on what they say. Give me a couple of says to work it out and work on them too, in the meantime I've got size pictures to take and all sorts of background material to share,

Other add-ons?

I've had several people ask for multiple copies of the hunters etc, so I'm going to allow you to add "extras" to your pledges at the following costs:

Hunter £6

Aequatherium £20

Spawn £1.50

Eggs £2

I'm sorry to not be able to offer discount on extras but postage may begin to become an issue and I wouldn't want to slow down fulfilment.

To add them on, just go to "manage my pledge" and adjust by the appropriate amount.

Thanks all!

Miniature News / Re: Interdimensional Bestiary "minikicker" preview.
« Last post by Andrew May on September 16, 2014, 12:04:53 PM BST GMT »
What I great total to wake up to, thanks everyone for your pledges.

The extra gives me a little breathing space to work out what else I can offer seeing as you demolished my provisional stretch goals over night!

So next up I can throw in a sprue of harpoon guns for you mad converters out there. These were mastered for my first KS campaign on a whim and won't ever be released commercially, I can fit them in a mould with the spawn and eggs so seeing as they fit thematically I ought to include them soon, say £1750.

 Harpoon guns, unlock at £1750. Free sprue for all at "completist" and above.

Looking back over my Steampunk army KS and after speaking with Griffin Moulds I can also introduce a set of casualties as an add on for £5 per setat £2000, I'm afraid that I can't offer them as freebies as they cost me too much to produce. However, these figures will never be released on general sale and will only ever be available as promotional figures during Kickstarters and sales so they'll be difficult to come by over time. They make great objective markers or parts for dioramas.

 Casualty figures add ons, unlock at £2000 one set of three casualty figures (choose prussian/greatcoat or british/trousers) supplied with a set of british or prussian heads (may differ slightly from those shown) and plastic slot base. Just add £5 to your pledge once we reach the goal.

Now of course comes the inevitable slowdown after the initial rush so please, all of you lovely backers.....if you use Facebook or other social media, if you run a blog or frequent any wargames forums then please spread the word about this campaign, the more backers that pledge the more that I will be able to offer you.
Miniature News / Re: Interdimensional Bestiary "minikicker" preview.
« Last post by Andrew May on September 15, 2014, 11:19:07 PM BST GMT »
Ok all, I'm flabbergasted to have raised over 200% in such a short time, I thought that we would crawl through the stretch goals over the next few days!

Provisionally I'm going to go forward thus:

£1300 Meridian "M" sticker for everyone.

£1400 "spawn swarm" Three spawn per backer at "completist" or above (excuse the bad PS!)

Then after I've spoken with griffin Moulds I'll see how I can offer some casualty figures from my first KS as pictured as masters here:

 Then I'm thinking about introducing a set of limited figures based on my steampunk soldiers but I'll have to do some sums first.

Thanks again all, what a fantastic start!

Works in Progress / Re: Zombie Clowns!
« Last post by moonmin82 on September 15, 2014, 09:48:23 PM BST GMT »
Progress on my trio of Zombie Clowns. The end of #1 is in clear sight.

Miniature News / Re: Interdimensional Bestiary "minikicker" preview.
« Last post by Andrew May on September 15, 2014, 05:59:43 PM BST GMT »
WOW, we did it already!

I had no idea that this would fund so fast. I set the funding to what I actually needed to break even on production and crossed my fingers! I knew that people would like the figures but just didn't know what to expect regarding funding, folk seem to flock to the large (over?)ambitious projects with tons of freebie stretchgoals.........I suppose I'd better work out what else I can offer you guys should the pledges keep rolling in!

Thanks so much everyone, I'll look forward to what the next fortnight brings. From me you can expect rules for Steam & Aether, background material and more.

Cheers for now!

Miniature News / Re: Aradia Miniatures - News of September
« Last post by Aradia Miniatures on September 15, 2014, 04:50:24 PM BST GMT »
Our new figure “The Hangman” - . Enjoy!

Works in Progress / Re: Hellbeard's WIP
« Last post by Hellbeard on September 15, 2014, 03:40:14 PM BST GMT »
Hey Hellbeard,

some great sculpts you have here! I think you really improved at sculpting faces over the time of this thread. The new one looks very nice, as well as the rest of the miniature. I only think that the folds at the left edge of his right (from the viewers point of view left) sleeve look a little bit weird at the front.


Thank you very much. Well spotted on the folds. I really ought to do many more studies than I do currently. They're very helpful.
Miniature News / Re: Interdimensional Bestiary "minikicker" preview.
« Last post by Andrew May on September 15, 2014, 11:09:14 AM BST GMT »
The project is live and can be found here:

Just over a year ago, with the help of many generous backers, I successfully funded my "Steampunk Army" campaign to produce miniatures for my Steam & Aether game setting. Since then the backstory for my Victorian sci fi world has grown, unveiling a rich setting that demmands to be populated.

The first monster that I have chosen to create is this horrifically tentacled maritime mass, dubbed "Aequatherium Magnus", of the many concepts and sketches that I have compliled I felt that it was the most versatile in that it has plenty of scope for use outside of the Steam & Aether setting. I can imagine it being used in plenty of other sci fi/fantasy/mythos games.

Of course, in the Steam & Aether setting someone needs to step up to the challenge of defeating such a monster, each side needs it's steampunk monster hunters to take to the tabletop! Both of these 28mm scale miniatures are cast in high quality resin and are timed limited figures available for the KS campaign, only seeing general release one year from campaign end.

After the success of my custom pledge level on the the previous "Tooth & Sword" campaign I've decided to add the same to Of course, in the Steam & Aether setting someone needs to step up to the challenge of defeating such a monster, each side needs it's steampunk monster hunters to take to the tabletop! Both of these 28mm scale miniatures are cast in high quality resin and are timed limited figures available for the KS campaign, only seeing general release one year from campaign end.

After the success of the custom figure pledge level on my previous "tooth & Sword" campaign, I've decided to do the same here, see the rewards section and FAQs for detail.

Thanks to all  that decide to pledge on this more modest campaign, I'm only running it for two weeks so would appreciate you sharing it where ever you can.

Andrew May, Meridian Miniatures.
Works in Progress / bennett's WiP
« Last post by bennett. on September 13, 2014, 10:23:36 PM BST GMT »
Thank you very much for your comment Ninja_Butler! Unfortunately the boar is stopped for now because I started more new projects since then.

One of them is a dolly that (if it turns out quite well) I want to cast and use it for future sculpts because I like to start new projects and this will hopefully help me to start them faster... ;-)

With finished torso and more or less finished legs:

With a WiP arm attached. Please note that it will be closer to the body, it is just attached there for the picture. EDIT: OK, after seeing the pictures I realized that the arm is far to long, I'll redo it today.

I'd appreciate honest critizism as it will probably be the base for my coming sculpts... Thank you very much!

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